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Shadi Ayoubi ’19

Major in International Economics

Shadi Ayoubi '19

What most attracted you to studying at AUP?

Having obtained my French Baccalaureate, I studied economics at the Sorbonne for two years, where I learned how to be autonomous. I then transferred to AUP because I aspired to improve my writing; the liberal arts dimension of AUP’s Department of Economics and Management taught me a lot in this regard, especially thanks to an interesting selection of elective courses taught by excellent professors. I encourage anyone looking to go into economics to make the most of the liberal arts program. Ask professionals about their jobs and imagine yourself in their positions. Be optimistic and do not be afraid to fail. I just enrolled in an MSc in Finance at a top business school in France; I do not believe this would have been possible without having studied at AUP.

Did you take part in any events during your time at the school?

My most enduring memory at AUP is a departmental event I attended in May 2019, where, along with my classmates in the senior seminar in economics, I presented my final paper in front of several dozen students as well as specialists working in the field for the most renowned organizations in the world, including the OECD and Banque de France. I also met my former boss and mentor Lane Sharman through an AUP online event, thanks to my very kind career advisor, Danielle Savage.

In your opinion, what is the most important global challenge today?

Without a doubt, climate change and poverty are the two major challenges we face today. Economics is at the core of these topics, as it is essentially the science of resource allocation. My AUP professors taught me a lot about respecting environmental, social and governance factors that can help steer the world in the right direction.