Student Leadership Office

What is student leadership? How do you become a student leader? In today’s complex, interconnected world, leadership is less about one person giving orders to others and much more about learning to reach consensus and achieve goals through effective team work. We all have leadership skills. Build upon your own skills and develop new talents by taking your AUP education beyond the classroom and getting involved in extracurricular activities.


Get involved at your University

Whether you are visiting or transferring, a freshmen or a graduate student, extracurricular activities can be the best way to connect with the campus community and make a real difference during your time here. There is more than one way to get involved! You may decide to start a club or represent your program or department on our student senate. Or maybe you would rather join a sports team or contribute to our school newspaper.


Your guide to extracurricular activities at AUP

Get in touch with the student leadership office to learn more about clubs, leadership, volunteering, student advising and your peers at the University.


Student leadership: ensuring quality and continuity

A student leader can easily spend the entire year just trying to figure out his/her position and building a basic structure to begin to work if the proper information is not passed down from one semester to the next. Positive student leadership depends on good transition, which allows one to learn from past mistakes and build on past successes.

To ensure some sense of continuity and institutional memory, the Student Leadership Office serves as a repository for manuals, best practices, training programs, and other transition and student leadership materials.

We work closely and advise the Student Government Association, our Student Media Group (ASM) and our student advisor program for new undergraduate students. We also collaborate closely with the Cultural Program, the Athletics OfficeCareer Development and the Health & Wellness Division of Student Development, among other offices.

Get in touch with us today to become a student leader at your University.