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ARC-Link Tutors 

While the Writing Lab Tutors help you to improve your writing across the curriculum, our ARC-Link Tutors specialize in selected subjects and challenging courses. They are nominated by faculty each semester and coordinate weekly group-study sessions. ARC-Link tutors serve many different disciplines, from Calculus to Economics, from Arabic to French. They will help you work through assignments, prepare for exams and discuss any difficulties you may be encountering. Since they have already succeeded in the courses they tutor, they are an excellent resource for improving your grades. The schedules change every semester, so please check the list in ARC or on our Facebook page. Sessions take place in the iSpace, unless otherwise posted.

The Math Clinic

ARC is happy to announce a new peer-tutoring program created with the support of the Department of Computer Science, Mathematics and Environmental Science.

We are offering a free drop-in Math Clinic for students needing additional support at any level. The drop-in clinic is designed to help students who cannot attend regular ARC-Link Mathematics or Statistics sessions due to scheduling conflicts (or who can attend, but need more help). Students who are not currently taking a Mathematics or Statistics course, but need brushing up in order to do their best in other courses (e.g., Business, Psychology, etc.) are also welcome. 

By offering an evening drop-in clinic, we hope to reach many more students, and to let them know that they can always find an ARC Math tutor after class. There is no need to make an appointment and no charge for the service. It is on a first-come, first-served basis, and held for two hours each evening Mondays through Thursdays (17h – 19h).


Tech-Media Tutors

The ARC Tech/Media Tutors are the third cohort of peer tutors. They are resourceful, tech-savvy and able to help you with standard software applications (such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop). They troubleshoot the computers in ARC and can advise you on projects and presentations involving multimedia technology. These tutors also provide technical support, during exams, for students with disabilities.


The Writing Lab

The AUP Writing Lab, directed by Professor Ann Mott, is at the center of a constellation of academic services. In the Writing Lab, expert student tutors provide feedback and support at any stage of the writing process (developing a thesis, organizing an essay, avoiding plagiarism or simply overcoming writer’s block). Tutoring sessions are interactive and highly collaborative. They generally last 30 minutes. You may also visit the Writing Lab to pick up useful handouts on citation styles (MLA, Chicago/Turabian, APA). Special assistance is now available for graduate students writing theses. To make an appointment, call us at, e-mail writinglab@aup.edu or stop by our office and put your name on the board for the time and date that work best for you. We also take walk-ins, so you do not have to make an appointment every time!