Employment Opportunities

Job Openings at AUP

For all questions regarding employment opportunities at The American University of Paris, please contact the office of human resources. Please note that except where otherwise stated, French working papers or EU nationality are required in order for applications to be considered.

Administrative Positions

Administrative Assistant, Center for Advising, Careers and Experiential Learning - T2

Contrat à durée déterminée through December 13 2019

All employees in the Center for Advising, Careers and Experiential Learning have as their primary mission to help students clarify both their life and career objectives, and to work with others who share this mission, in order to improve the student experience



Director of Academic Advising


Academic Advising

  • Oversees the pre-arrival process for incoming transfer students:
    • Tracks transfer documentation and dispatches documents for evaluation.
    • Tracks and dispatches advising appointment requests.
  • Processes transfer credits for incoming students.
  • Coordinates with other units to ensure smooth onboarding of transfer students. Processes post-matriculation coursework for already-enrolled degree-seeking students.
  • Shares responsibility and serves as the primary backup for advising Partner students from all Partner programs: helps manage and serves as advisor to Partner freshmen as assigned advisees; liaises with students and professors throughout the semester on academic and non-academic questions or concerns, ensures students’ smooth transfer to targeted institutions.
  • Manages AUP advisees (undeclared majors + Co-Op study abroad students): updates records and follow-up tools, schedules appointments, communicates important dates and information, follow-up with students’ projects, issues and needs.
  • Participates in academic advising at Orientation and supports the overall Orientation process.
  • Ensures faculty and students have access to accurate information through revision of the Advising Handbook and Advising Manual; researches and suggests revisions of the TCE handbook as required.
  • Coordinates as needed with career, internship, and experiential learning advising.


Administrative tasks

  • Serves as first contact for student users of the Center and provides assistance in using ACE resources and online tools
  • Answers student queries and implements smooth handoff to an advisor based on students’ needs
  • Performs administrative tasks supporting ACE initiatives, academic advising, study abroad advising, major selection, the GPS program and related “Designing Your ….” workshops and communications with students and faculty
  • Arranges appointments for students with ACE staff
  • Opens, sorts and despatches incoming mail to ACE staff as appropriate
  • Monitors the departmental e-mail address, responds or forwards to other staff as appropriate


Shared tasks

  • Works to facilitate student academic progress and to enhance the student experience where possible from admissions through graduation.
  • Troubleshooting
  • Back-up responsibilities during colleagues’ absence or vacation.


Other appropriate duties as assigned by the supervisor



  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent; Master’s degree preferred.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and preferably also in French.
  • Minimum 3 years’ professional experience with at least some work experience in a university environment, preferably in a liberal arts institution.
  • Highly organized and detail-oriented, with the ability to work quickly and efficiently.
  • Extensive knowledge and understanding of the American system of higher education; able to maintain solid knowledge of academic policies, degree requirements, and legal issues.
  • Highly competent with Microsoft Office and databases, CAMS a plus.
  • Ability to deal effectively with people and within a team and to work well under pressure
  • Patient, friendly, and efficient manner with students.
  • Ability to understand, analyze and continuously improve systems and processes.
  • Proactive, entrepreneurial, adaptable, learn-by-doing mindset.


Candidates should apply via e-mail to jobapplicants@aup.edu

Graduate and Returning Students Housing Assistant – T 3


Jennifer Larsen, Manager of Residential Life



Serves as the main point of contact for all graduate students and returning undergraduate students who wish to seek housing through the AUP Housing Database (about half the student population.) Plays a major role in maintaining relationships with individual Parisian landlords and on-boarding new landlords who wish to rent through AUP. Coordinates the Graduate Student and returning student Housing search during orientation, managing 2 or 3 temporary staff members and coordinating the activities of student guides for one week.



  • Meets and follows up with landlords to explain the housing procedure, and/or to discuss problems that arise with student tenants (maintenance issues, apartment damages, unpaid rent, etc.)
  • Meets and follows up with students to assist in housing search, and/or to resolve tenancy issues that may arise (unreturned security deposits, unauthorized entrance into occupied apartments, broken items needing repair, etc.)
  • Serves as the chief point of contact for the department’s e-mail account (housing@aup.edu), answering messages in a timely fashion and directing messages to other team members when different expertise is required.
  • Monitors new graduate student attendance confirmations, keeping a running tally of students requesting both permanent and temporary housing during orientation.
  • Coordinates graduate student housing search during new student orientation, managing temporary staff members and housing new graduate students as soon as possible. 
  • Processes new apartment offers, registering them in the housing database.
  • Organizes photo files and posts new photos for apartment offers online.
  • Coordinates bi-annual landlord mailer, both via paper mail and email.
  • Assists in planning of annual landlord “Wine and Cheese” event during spring semester.
  • Assists graduate and returning students with applications for housing assistance from “CAF”, organizes and executes workshops for this purpose in collaboration with the First-Year Housing Residence Life Assistant.
  • Performs an audit of all paper landlord files in the office, purging unnecessary documents.
  • Takes occasional cash rent payments from students and distributes to landlords when they visit the office. Oversees regular updates of the cash log.
  • Organizes office key box, maintaining regular updates of the key log.
  • Other appropriate tasks assigned by the manager.



  • Bilingual English/French
  • BTS Assistant Administratif or equivalent
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, particularly in both spoken and written communication
  • Strong organizational skills
  • High degree of computer literacy, particularly spreadsheet, database, e-mail and word processing software
  • Ability to work well under stress
  • Valid work permit for France, or EU nationality


Candidates should apply via e-mail to jobapplicants@aup.edu

Student Development Guidance Counselor – Category C1-1


Dean of Student Development



In alignment with the University’s mission to provide a transformative, student-centered education to its global explorers, the Office of Student Development aims to provide a high level of empathetic support to all current students. Our Student Development Guidance Counselor serves to create a safe environment for students seeking guidance and support for a wide range of issues, ranging from the personal to the academic. To better meet student demand and expand our service, we now seek to add an additional Student Development Guidance Counselor to the team. Both counselors will report directly to the Dean of Student Development.

The counselors will share many of the same tasks. Both will meet with students one-to-one, assessing their needs and developing a personalized plan of action, making referrals to the appropriate resources on campus or outside the University. Both must be empathic, discreet listeners, as well as a multi-taskers able to successfully manage a significant case load, while at the same time rigorously respecting personal boundaries and confidentiality. Both will frequently serve as liaison between the student and health professionals, between the student and faculty.  Tact, discretion, and good judgment are essential skills to have in such a context. 

The current Guidance Counselor will maintain all responsibility for strategic assessment, content creation for the website and other materials and the creation and implementation of programs designed to increase student retention.

Our new Guidance Counselor will manage all learning accommodation requests and supervise our wellness room. This position requires an understanding of issues related to mental health, sexual aggression awareness, disabilities, and student learning accommodations. Prior experience in an educational setting is preferred. The position also includes regular administrative duties as assigned by the Dean of Student Development. Candidates with a positive, welcoming attitude and solution-focused approach are encouraged to apply.



  • Collaborate with current guidance counselor for the smooth operation of the unit, with both counselors reporting directly to the Dean of Student Development.
  • Work closely with other members of the Student Development team to create a sense of campus and community among AUP students
  • Provide crisis-management support for students
  • Assist students in all aspects of their life at AUP
  • Provide confidential guidance counseling sessions for students with problems related to psychological, educational, health, financial, personal and other issues that would interfere with their studies, referring students to the appropriate resources as necessary
  • Maintain regular walk-in hours to meet student demand
  • Liaise and network with off-campus counselors and mental health professionals in Paris to ensure quality referrals for students
  • Respond to telephone inquiries and check guidance counseling email account daily.
  • Liaise with professors and other departments where appropriate concerning students showing signs of academic or personal distress
  • Guide students with physical disabilities to the proper resources, providing support as necessary
  • Centralize documentation for students requiring learning accommodations, provide a welcoming and supportive approach to students with disabilities and their families, and liaise with the Academic Resource Center regarding implementation of appropriate accommodations.
  • Contribute to a yearly unit assessment report managed by the second Student Guidance Counselor.
  • Supervise our Wellness Room, ensuring that it is organized and welcoming to students and coordinating programing in this space in collaboration with the Student Leadership Coordinator and Athletics Coordinator.
  • Other appropriate duties assigned by the supervisor




  • Native English with strong French (neo-native level)
  • Familiarity with the American educational system essential
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent – preferably in Psychology, Clinical Social Work, Education or work experience in this domain or related field
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, particularly in both spoken and written communication
  • Evidence of tact, discretion, and preservation of appropriate boundaries.
  • Ability to multitask with a large case load while remaining an empathic listener
  • Strong crisis-management and organizational skills
  • Strong computer skills, particularly Microsoft Office Suite, experience in generating reports from databases, mail merging
  • Valid work permit for France, or EEC nationality


Candidates should apply via e-mail to jobapplicants@aup.edu

Student Development Administrative Assistant – Category E3


Kevin Fore, Dean of Student Development



In alignment with the University’s mission to provide a transformative, student-centered education to its global explorers, the Office of Student Development aims to provide a high level of empathetic support to all current students. To better meet student demand and expand our service, we now seek to add an additional Administrative Assistant to the team.

The two Administrative Assistants will share many of the same tasks. Both will manage the Helpdesk, check the Student Development email account, deal with walk-ins and provide daily support to students. 

The current Administrative Assistant will maintain all responsibility for the orientation and the student advising programs, office supply orders, collection of timesheets for the department and the management of the departmental website and classified ads. He will also remain the main liaison with our partner bank.

Our new Administrative Assistant will offer direct support to the Dean’s Office, Counseling, the Student Immigration Services and the Housing Office, and will also be a back-up liaison with our partner bank.

The working hours for this new position when classes are in session will be from 2:00 pm until 10:00 pm, with a one-hour break from 5:00 pm until 6:00 pm.  When classes are not in session, the person will revert to normal office hours.

Candidates with a positive, welcoming attitude and solution-focused approach are encouraged to apply.



Provides daily support to students, assisting with retention efforts
  • Manages the Student Development Helpdesk, responding to telephone inquiries and student walk-ins, referring students to appropriate services as needed
  • Assists students with range of administrative tasks, including filling out forms, making phone calls and understanding local administrative procedures
  • Serves as a back-up liaison with our partner bank to better assist students
  • Provides support for student emergencies, including help with theft; accompanies students to the police station when appropriate
  • Maintains and dispatches the Student Development generic email address messages


Provides essential office support for Student Development team
  • Support to the Dean’s Office:
    • Coordinates scheduling for Dean and Vice President, assisting with urgent tasks as necessary
    • Schedules exit interviews for the VP & the Dean of Student Development, preparing necessary paperwork
    • Tallying and filing departmental action forms
  • Support to the Counseling program:
    • Maintains records and files in collaboration with Student Counseling
    • Monitors excessive absence tool, liaising with student counselor as necessary
  • Support to the Student Immigration Services:
    • Manage Student Bio Modification Requests
    • Prepare the “new” students SIS folders and the returning students residency renewal applications
    • File the students’ SIS folders
    •  Update SIS info in CAMS
  • Support to the Housing Office:
    • Enter all new students as « tenants » into the housing DB at the beginning of every semester, using the BlueStripe roster
    • Assist in preparing bi-annual landlord mailer by printing labeled envelopes, and stuffing envelopes with necessary mailer materials
    • Process new apartment offers and apartment offer updates that come in from landlords
    • Upload new photos for apartment offers to the housing database
    • Calculate statistics based on the semesterly Housing Action Forms, to contribute to department assessment report

Other appropriate duties assigned by the supervisor



  • Native or near native English speaker with a good command of French
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Service oriented, excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Familiarity with the American educational system desirable
  • Word processing and basic computer skills


Candidates should apply via e-mail to jobapplicants@aup.edu

Faculty positions

Mathematics Teacher

The American University of Paris invites applications from excellent teachers who are fluent in English to teach a general education course in mathematics: MA 1005 Mathematics for Life. A General Education course designed for students majoring in subjects not requiring math skills. Projects are developed from a range of everyday situations: banking, the stock market, gambling, and even art. Meeting alternately in the classroom and the computer lab to develop mathematical models, students will develop quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.


After completing Mathematics for Life, students should:  

  • have developed a positive approach to mathematics
  • appreciate the use of mathematics in modelling the world
  • be able to reason with quantitative information – in words, numbers and graphs
  • be able to clearly communicate quantitative information in words, numbers and with graphs
  • be able to develop and apply strategies for solving problems

Candidates must have experience and expertise teaching mathematics to students of diverse (academic and cultural) backgrounds. The successful candidate will evidence gifted, organized and inspiring teaching.


The position is proposed for the Fall semester 2019.



A PhD in mathematics, statistics or a related discipline is desired, but candidates with master’s degrees are also invited to apply if they can demonstrate a track record of excellent teaching at university level. Proven capacity for engaged and energetic teaching to students of different backgrounds is essential. Applicants must be fluent in English.

European Union citizenship or legal right to work in France is required at the time of application.  

We invite and encourage women and underrepresented populations to apply. The University is an equal opportunity employer for whom diversity is an essential source of vitality and strength.



Duties include: course preparation and teaching; preparation of syllabi and assessment materials, including setting and grading final examinations; keeping track of student involvement in class and student absences; keeping students informed of their progress by promptly grading and returning assessed work; and maintaining records necessary for program assessment.

There are 39 class meetings of 80 minutes during the semester as well as a final exam of 2.5 hours.


The Institution

Founded in 1962, The American University of Paris (AUP) is a small, undergraduate and Masters degree-granting institution with a Liberal Arts core, dedicated to the advancement of the Arts & Sciences in an international and multicultural environment. AUP brings together the values of the American higher education system with its location in Paris and Europe. Located at the crossroads of American and European institutions of higher education and research, AUP facilitates its faculty’s development of an international and stimulating professional network. AUP is accredited in the United States of America by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. AUP has cooperative agreements with a number of US and European-based universities.


The Department 

The Department of Computer Science, Mathematics and Environmental Science houses majors in Computer Science, in Quantitative Environmental Science, in Environmental Studies and in Mathematics and Computer Science,  as well as minors in Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Information and Communication technologies and Computer Science, and Environmental Science. In addition to providing mathematics courses for a number of other majors across the University, the department serves the entire University’s student population for the mathematics and science courses comprising general education requirements.



Please send a cover letter and your curriculum vitae indicating teaching effectiveness to the Chair of the Department of Computer Science, Mathematics and Environmental Science at CSMESsearch@aup.edu