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Current Vacanies:

 Director of University Outreach and Advancement

Date posted: 12/06/2015

At a pivotal moment in the University’s development, The American University of Paris seeks to hire a dynamic experienced and entrepreneurial Director of University Outreach and Advancement.  The Office of University Outreach and Advancement comprises development, alumni and parent relations and constituent events.

The new director will:

  • serve as chief fundraiser, campaign manager, and development strategist during the University’s first comprehensive campaign in partnership with the president, Board members, faculty, University community and volunteer leadership manage the development, alumni, and parent relations functions of the University
  • coordinate the University’s advancement strategy and related communications and events
  • connect and engage a global community of alumni, parents, friends and supporters stretching across 142 different countries

The University

Chartered as a liberal arts college in 1962, The American University of Paris is today an urban, independent, international university located at the meeting point of France, Europe, and the world. The University provides a student-centered, career-enabling, and transformative learning experience to the global explorers who are its Bachelor’s and Master’s students, empowering them to cross both disciplinary and cultural borders with ease in order to assume their places as responsible actors and leaders in over 140 countries worldwide.

AUP’s mission is to educate its graduates to communicate effectively in a world of many languages;  to read well, listen carefully, and write intelligently in a voice of their own;  to become critical thinkers about history and human societies, economics, culture, literature, the arts, science, politics, psychology, business, and communication; to develop creative interdisciplinary solutions to contemporary global challenges; to be digitally literate in a world of swift-paced change;  to understand the ethical imperatives of living in such a world;  and to move across the cultural borders of the contemporary world with a sense of commitment to and responsibility for a world held in common.

The University achieves its mission by providing to its students a curriculum combining liberal arts inquiry, preparation for professional life, and student-centered, active learning in small classroom settings; dynamic, engaged teaching informed by both disciplinary and interdisciplinary faculty scholarship; a host of opportunities for direct experience of the world and its many cultures; a wealth of intellectual exchanges on campus at conferences of global reach; and an integrated learning model that marries classroom learning and its application to real-world contexts, preparing students to master and to make, to reflect and to apply, to analyze and to act.  In these ways, an AUP education supports professional skills development and cultural fluency—the sense of global engagement and the capacity to negotiate difference that emerge naturally from the diversity of AUP’s student and faculty bodies.  Upon graduation, AUP students take part in and benefit from the global network that is our worldwide alumni community, creating lifelong connections to one another and to the University.

Location as Endowment

Spread across Paris’ 7th arrondissement stretching from the Eiffel Tower to the Hôtel des Invalides, AUP has the remarkable advantage of its unparalleled location. The University shares this neighborhood with other American institutions, such as the American Library of Paris, and the American Church. This past year, AUP launched an ambitious multi-year campus redevelopment plan which will ultimately consolidate the campus into four or five buildings (from nine). The renovation of a Student Learning Center in 2015-16 follows last year’s renovation of the Student Life facility, and the integration of most University administrative functions in a new building during summer 2015.
AUP’s substantial endowment has always been our location in the greatest city in the world, and, investing it wisely, we have attached our curriculum to the histories of the city—to Paris’s many centuries of art, culture, literature, politics, sociology and the like, to its monuments, libraries, neighborhoods, but also to the edgy new Paris of demographic shifts, rising multiculturalism, food that is other than French, urban renewal, and texts in many different languages.

AUP’s Academic Program

AUP is a small, dynamic “world university” with a curriculum to match—one that focuses on the cross cultural and the comparative in the service of our students. The University’s curriculum is essentially American, although inflected by the international educational background of AUP’s diverse faculty body. The rigorous University curriculum is divided into departments with over 20 undergraduate majors. Interdisciplinary programs and minors flourish, driven by faculty research interests and scholarly passions. AUP is also host to the Center for Writers and Translators, the Cahiers series, the AUP Fine Arts Gallery space, and numerous lecture series, and enjoys partnerships with a global consortium of 26 American universities across Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa, as well as with liberal arts institutions in the US, and national universities across Europe.


Supported by a curriculum that promotes active learning and faculty that mentor them closely, AUP’s students today enjoy unequaled cultural experiences and opportunities for lateral learning amongst a diverse group of peers, close relationships with members of staff, integrated advising and career services with demonstrable professional outcomes, and access to a life and learning center in the 7th arrondissement of Paris that puts the student learning experience at its heart.  The vast majority of our students are self-selecting, reporting to us that AUP was their first choice (from 75-84% of the entering class over the past few years), drawn as they were to our location in Paris, our multicultural, multilingual community, the reputation of the University, and the adventure of studying in a country that is not their own. These are the students we exist as a university to serve.

In 2013-14, preparing for a new cycle of strategic planning, AUP undertook a year-long study of its most successful, self-selecting students--called global explorers—relying upon institutional research on current and former students, correlation of “fit” characteristics, graduation success and alumni outcomes, as well as a host of retention and financial aid measures.  Subsequently, we have been reviewing all processes and practices from recruitment to the curriculum, from student to alumni services, in light of our research into the “fit” AUP student who flourishes in the University’s particular institutional culture.  In fact, the University does attract a more mature, independent, globally minded, high-potential student than the average college-going recruit. Global explorers know what they want.  The global explorer is hungry for a journey of intellectual, cultural, and personal exploration.  Such a student is not daunted by the experience of being “not at home” or being “in the home of another” and is comfortably independent in a foreign environment.  Global explorers seek to go beyond the curricular and cultural bounds of their national university systems in search of both intellectual adventure and the cultural challenges of studying abroad. They seek a university experience that helps them to affirm their global citizenship and to shape an international trajectory, both personal and professional. Our research shows that the vast majority leaves AUP, at least initially, to seek careers in the global workplace. A significant minority, using AUP as a springboard to prestigious graduate schools, enjoys the support and mentoring offered by high-profile faculty teacher scholars to pursue post-graduate degrees. Global Explorers are all different and they follow different pathways to and from AUP. The portrait of the AUP student we serve requires nuance, as the University hosts a range of different kinds.  Our “fit” students hail from the entire globe, may have parents of two different nationalities and have lived in a third country, speak three or four languages upon entrance, and feel comfortable in a learning environment of great demographic diversity.  Another kind of global explorer may have never left his or her country before coming to AUP, but has yearned for the “bigger life”—the study, the languages, the travel, the cultural connections, the feeling of global belonging, the transformative experience—that only an international college degree such as ours can provide. Still other global explorers feel at home in the AUP classroom with its characteristic mix of different nationalities, languages, cultures, ethnicities, ideologies and faiths. Finally, given AUP’s location in Paris and our globally mobile population, our planning and curriculum must take into account the different points of entry of all of AUP’s student constituencies: our three- and four-year degree-seeking undergraduates, one-to-two-year Master’s students, first-year partner program students, third-year study-abroad students, independent visitors, and transfer students.

All of our global explorers, whatever their origins, come forth in search of what we call AUP’s “third culture” community. Since our founding as an international college, we have defined our natural diversity as the air we breathe, one in which no national majority, location, or shared heritage connects members to one another. Instead, such an international environment privileges intellectual and social collaboration amongst people from diverse mono-cultural, bi-cultural, and third-culture backgrounds. Members’ sense of belonging emerges from relationships to others of similar aspirations and ideas and values. There are pocket communities of internationals all over the world that attract global explorers. AUP is one of them.


AUP’s faculty body is composed of 28 different nationalities, representing all continents of the world. Dedicated to teaching, the faculty is also richly productive, hosting high numbers of international conferences, study groups, research projects, and events each year. Faculty research tends to focus on the cross-cultural, the comparative, and the interdisciplinary, supporting the University’s mission of producing students for a world held in common. A shared curricular vision informs graduate and undergraduate level teaching, and is one that looks toward global sustainability, conflict resolution, world governance, cultural translation, and address of social injustice by every disciplinary tool at our disposal, but most important of all, focuses upon the steady cultivation of our own and our students’ humanity. AUP has no separate graduate faculty—all faculty members who participate in graduate teaching also teach in the undergraduate program.

University Governance and Reporting Relationships

AUP is led by the President, who is appointed by a 25-member Board of Trustees comprised of dedicated alumni, business leaders, nonprofit leaders, and people from a range of professions and walks of life. AUP’s Board Chair, Raymond Henze, is an AUP parent who has served as Chairman of the Executive Committee and senior trustee at Williams College. Former board chairs of Swarthmore and Grinnell also serve on the AUP board. In October 2009, Celeste Schenck became AUP’s twelfth president. Having served AUP for 25 years in multiple capacities, President Schenck was a Professor of Comparative Literature, Associate Dean for Curriculum Development, Vice President for Academic Innovation, Vice President for Development and Grants Management, Dean of the University and Provost before assuming presidential responsibility. Schenck is a scholar of women’s literature, editor of multiple series, and, more recently, co-author of books on women, culture, and development. She received her undergraduate degree from Princeton University, and her doctorate from Brown University. The Director of University Outreach and Advancement reports directly to the President, with whom he or she will work intensely and closely. The Director serves as a member of the President’s Cabinet, along with the VP for Student Services, the EVP for Finance and Administration, the Director of Enrollment Management, and the Provost. The Director also works closely with the Board of Trustees, and the Campaign and Development Committees.

The Office of University Outreach and Advancement


AUP has grown and professionalized its development function substantially over the past four years, building on the momentum of the University’s 50th Anniversary in 2012-13 to enter the silent phase of the University’s first comprehensive campaign. The University has made significant investments into resourcing development, raising and allocating funds to expand the staff, invest in prospect research, building prospect pipelines and beginning to deploy frontline fundraisers. The focus in recent years has been on major gifts fundraising, while annual fund efforts continue. Parents are being increasingly solicited for engagement and support.

Alumni and Parent Relations

AUP has a dedicated, alumni (and former student) community of over 16,000 members living in 142 different countries around the globe, a fact that can make consistent engagement and fundraising more challenging than in a wholly regional university context. That said, many AUP alumni are deeply engaged with the University, serving as volunteer leaders on the President’s Alumni Advisory Council (launched in 2013-2014 in the United states, Europe and the Middle East), returning to campus as speakers, providing internships for AUP students, mentoring current students in a successful alumni-to-student mentoring program, and supporting the University in its efforts to maintain contact with and extend our reach to active alumni worldwide. Dedicated alumni trustees now constitute approximately 40% of the Board. In 2013, AUP established a parent relations function, which serves as a central contact point, delivers parent communications, and brings over 450 parents to campus for Orientation and other events throughout the year. The parent of an AUP alumna is now Chair of the Board of Trustees.

The American University of Paris Foundation

The American University of Paris Foundation, Inc. (AUPF) is a New York not-for-profit corporation, recognized as tax exempt under Section 501©(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Its primary purpose is to support The American University of Paris, and, as such, it is also recognized as a supporting charity under Section 509 (a) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Chairman of the Foundation serves on the AUP Board and the Foundation has six other trustees, five of whom are alumni and one whom is a former AUP trustee. Three Foundation trustees serve on an Investment Committee and it is planned that the endowment will be overseen by the Foundation and its Investment Committee. The Director of University Outreach and Advancement will work closely with the AUPF, its Trustees, and its Investment Committee on endowment matters, on gift recording between AUP and AUPF, and on donor stewardship.

The Agenda for the Director of University Outreach and Advancement

The new Director of University Outreach and Advancement is expected to be an energetic advancement leader with experience in higher education and a record of meaningful accomplishments in capital drives, success in major gift fundraising, and evidence of effective management of an advancement team. The successful candidate will be motivated by the opportunity to strengthen AUP’s culture of philanthropy through measurable increases in annual, capital, and deferred giving.  As the University takes its first campaign public, the Director will play a special role in representing the University as it achieves its ambitious goal of renovating and consolidating the entire Campus in the 7th arrondissement.  This campaign will be an Archimedean lever.  The specific expectations for the new Director of University Outreach and Advancement include:

Enhancing AUP’s Culture of Giving

The American University of Paris recognizes the existing need and opportunity to expand the University’s resource base. Whether focusing on leading the campaign, nurturing prospects for major and planned gifts, or maintaining the annual fund, the Director of University Outreach and Advancement is expected to have a direct impact on improving AUP’s overall philanthropic culture, while expanding its network of friends and donors. AUP’s trustee and alumni leadership have pledged their full support and involvement. Engaging external constituencies, setting expectations, and establishing priorities on which future fundraising will be based are all elements in the enhancement of AUP’s philanthropic culture.

Partnering with the President

With a new Director of University Outreach and Advancement working closely with AUP’s energetic president, the Advancement team is poised to take a major step forward, thereby rising to the meet the momentum built during AUP’s 50th anniversary celebrations in 21-2013 and fostered ever since leading up to the University’s first comprehensive campaign. The Director of University Outreach and Advancement will be a successful “boots on the ground” fundraiser who knows how to tell the AUP story, how to ask for gift support, and when to encourage the president to do the asking. President Schenck holds the University’s future fundraising success among her highest priorities, and is an active and highly effective partner in the fundraising program. She will expect the Director of University Outreach and Advancement to involve, guide, and counsel her strategically and effectively in soliciting philanthropic support for the University.

Leading The Time is Now Campaign

AUP engaged in a University-wide strategic planning process during 2014-15 in confluence with the crafting of priorities and messaging for The Time is Now campaign. This campaign launched its silent phase in late October 2014 and has already secured gifts and commitments towards 60% of its goal from a small circle of trustees, alumni and current and past parents. Transformative short-term opportunities may warrant raising the internal goal. While The Time is Now is AUP’s first major comprehensive campaign, AUP has an unusually promising pool of prospects – ranging from highly successful entrepreneurs and business owners to business and financial leaders, from celebrity parents to alumni responsible for  major multigenerational family fortunes.

Working with the president, the chair of the Board, and the full Board of Trustees, the Director of University Outreach and Advancement will play a central role in every phase of the continued planning, execution and successful closure of the campaign. Advice on messaging, managing and supervising frontline fundraisers and volunteer leadership, and the continued engagement of leadership-level gifts are activities that AUP expects from the new Director of University Outreach and Advancement.

Setting the Bar (Appropriately) High

Establishing optimistic challenges and high expectations across all elements of the program will be important. The Director of University Outreach and Advancement will be expected to bring vision and strategic thinking to meeting challenging future goals. Recruitment of new staff, encouragement and development of current staff, delegation of responsibilities, careful evaluation of professional performance, and oversight of effective working relationships are essential to the development of a productive and successful Advancement program. The understanding and trust that grows from good management practices will enable AUP to achieve desired outcomes for the entire unit.

Engaging the Leadership Team

The Director of University Outreach and Advancement will join a President’s Cabinet that recognizes the need to work together to strengthen AUP’s prominence and financial position. The Director of University Outreach and Advancement will be expected to communicate clearly and openly with administrative colleagues, maintain transparency, and build trust. As a member of this team, the Director of University Outreach and Advancement will bring a critical perspective to the consideration of issues that affect the entire institution. An ability to combine a strong advocacy for the Advancement program while working as a collaborative part of the senior administration will contribute greatly to the Director of University Outreach and Advancement’s effectiveness.

Encouraging Campus-Wide Engagement

Many areas of campus have an interest in establishing closer connections to the fundraising and outreach efforts at AUP. In many cases, there are no better people to bring the detail and vibrancy of opportunities for gift support than the faculty and administrators who engage directly in the delivery of AUP’s educational program. The campus community provides a resource that can add value and expertise to the advancement effort.

Key attributes of AUP’s next Director of University Outreach and Advancement will include:

  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent; the successful candidate is likely to have a Master’s degree as well.
  • A minimum of seven years of experience in higher education development contexts, including experience executing a comprehensive fundraising campaign from planning to delivery
  • A hands-on, entrepreneurial, and creative leadership style to act as player-coach of a young but well-positioned development function, which is planned to grow by an additional 3-5 staff members across the alumni and development functions
  • Capacity to fundraise “multilingually,” that is, according to American standards and practices of fundraising, but inflected by a European or Middle Eastern, African, or Asian sensibility (less overt, more tacit, and subtle in approach, often requiring education of potential donors about the very nature of fundraising)
  • Demonstrable effective management and goal- and priority-setting skills in both the alumni/parent relations and development functions
  • Evidence of capacity to become the University’s chief fundraiser by means of a track record of gifts secured
  • Strong writing and communication skills, as well as meticulous organizational capacity and leadership skills in team building and management
  • Willingness and availability to travel internationally with frequency
  • An appreciation for great camaraderie and the ability to multi-task
  • Commitment to the cost-effective and strategic use of resources

You will receive special attention if:

  • You speak French
  • You hold European Union working papers (although this is not a requirement for the job) and show promise of thriving in AUP’s special environment
  • You are able to assume this role by September 2015

If this sounds like the job for you, kindly submit:

  1. A letter demonstrating your interest in developing AUP’s Advancement capacity in an international, highly diverse environment
  2. A brief statement within the letter of your personal and professional approach to development and alumni relations
  3. A review of your experience, including your strengths and weaknesses in light of the job description
  4. A curriculum vitae or resume
  5. A list of three referees, including email addresses and telephone numbers, whom the search committee may contact upon short-listing of candidates

Applications should be addressed to Members of the Search Committee and sent by e-mail to AUPDirADV@aup.edu

 Part-time Junior Lecturer/Lecturer in Mathematics

Date posted: 23/01/2015

The American University of Paris invites excellent teachers who are fluent in English to apply for a part-time position in Mathematics (enseignant). Candidates must have experience and proven expertise in teaching Mathematics or Statistics to students of diverse (mathematical and cultural) backgrounds. The candidate would be contributing to the general education component of the AUP program, and as such would need to show skill at gifted, organized and inspiring teaching to students who are not majoring in mathematics or another scientific discipline.


A PhD in mathematics, statistics or related discipline is desired, but candidates with master’s degrees are also invited to apply if they can demonstrate a track record of excellent teaching at university level. Proven capacity for engaged and energetic teaching to students of different backgrounds is essential. Applicants must be fluent in English and a good level of oral French is useful.

Candidates with European citizenship preferred (legal right to work in France required).

We invite and encourage women and underrepresented populations to apply. The University is an equal opportunity employer for whom diversity is an essential source of vitality and strength.

The Institution

Founded in 1962, The American University of Paris (AUP) is a small, undergraduate and Masters degree-granting institution with a Liberal Arts core, dedicated to the advancement of the Arts & Sciences in an international and multicultural environment. AUP brings together the values of the American higher education system with its location in Paris and Europe. AUP is accredited in the United States of America by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. AUP has cooperative agreements with a number of USA-based universities.

The Department  

The Department of Computer Science, Mathematics and Environmental Science houses two majors – in Computer Science and in Quantitative Environmental Science – as well as minors in Applied Mathematics, Statistics, IT and CS, and Environmental Science. In addition to providing mathematics courses for a number of other majors across the University, the department serves the entire University’s student population for the mathematics and science courses comprising general education requirements. The Department benefits from eight full-time faculty and two part-time faculty. The Department’s research interests are very varied, and members benefit from European grants as well as University support for academic scholarship.


Excellence in teaching is essential. Teaching responsibilities would be in introductory level courses in mathematics. The teaching load is 3 course equivalents per year, and teaching is in English exclusively.  Duties include course preparation and teaching, preparation of syllabi and assessment materials, keeping track of student involvement in class and student absences, keeping students informed of their progress by promptly grading and returning assessed work, and maintaining records necessary for program assessment.

Salary Range

Salary and benefits competitive on the French market


Please submit a single PDF dossier (in English) including: curriculum vitae, cover letter, statement of teaching philosophy with documented evidence of teaching effectiveness along with the names and email addresses of three referees to MathSearch@aup.edu.

 Outreach & Advancement Assistant

Date posted: 13/03/2015

Department: Office of University Outreach and Advancement
Supervisor: Kristina Ver Foley - Director of University Outreach and Advancement
Contract: 18-month CDD

Reporting to the Director of Outreach and Advancement, the Outreach and Advancement Assistant will provide administrative support to the University’s alumni affairs, parent relations, advancement, and communications functions.

The Assistant will often serve as the first point of contact with the Office of University Outreach and Advancement and as such contributes to the implementation of a strategic vision to maintain lifelong and mutually-enriching relationships with The American University of Paris’ 16,000+ alumni and other constituents – both internal and external – in the US and worldwide.


  • Facilitates and supports all administrative needs for the Outreach and Advancement team including but not limited to ordering supplies; maintaining printers; creating and uploading PDFs; collecting and distributing mail; circulating timesheets; coordinating maintenance needs; delivering high priority documents to Finance and other campus offices; maintaining orderly electronic and hard copy files; creating fall, spring and summer work schedules and space assignments for student assistants in the office; coordinating and coding  invoices and expense reporting for approval and signature. Periodically supports priority needs identified across the unit during intensive work flow periods, as determined by the Director of University Outreach and Advancement
  • Greets and directs visitors to the Office of Outreach and Advancement and monitors access to the building; provides telephone reception support to the Director of Outreach and Advancement; serves as the administrative liaison and contact with a variety of constituents related to the work of the unit, including donors, faculty, and University administrators; assists with special events as needed
  • Designs, organizes, and implements administrative systems and procedures and performs all necessary support duties; operates a networked computer
  • Must have database experience and/or will be required to complete training for internal database systems (Raiser’s Edge, CAMS). Must keep current with new technologies
  • Monitors the alumni@aup.edu, parents@aup.edu, and advancement@aup.edu mailboxes and responds to requests or channels them to the appropriate respondent; processes basic requests for alumni cards and transcripts
  • Updates constituent contact information and donor records in the database as notified by emails and by the Director of University Outreach and Advancement
  • Performs gift entry/recording in the advancement database for unrestricted (including Trustee gifts), programmatic, capital and campaign gifts as well as small grants
  • Is responsible for gift acknowledgment and receipting for all donations and drafts/edits personalized acknowledgements for signature by gift officers, the Director of University Outreach and Advancement, and the President
  • Maintains appropriate records of batches, paper files, and other records related to contributions
  • Liaises with Finance Department and AUP Foundation to ensure accuracy of gift/donation records and deposits
  • Tracks and files recurring gift and multi-year pledge documentation and has working knowledge of and ensures adherence to established systems/controls established by auditor standards
  • Assists in scheduling of prospect/donor visits for the President, Director of Outreach and Advancement, and volunteer leadership in coordination, where necessary, with the President’s Office staff
  • May be called upon to draft, format, proofread, edit, fact-check, distribute, and track correspondence produced by the Director of Outreach and Advancement; may conduct research for narrative reports to donors and draft short donor biographies for internal use
  • Schedules meetings and coordinates the use of office space and resources for meetings and conferences; prepares meeting materials and keeps meeting minutes for bi-weekly unit staff meetings
  • As requested, processes all credit card, expense report, and travel-related forms for the Director of University Outreach and Advancement
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Director of Outreach and Advancement


  • Undergraduate degree or BAC + 2 minimum
  • Excellent English verbal and written communication skills required; basic French language skills preferred
  • Solid computer skills in a PC environment with the capability to master new software applications and technologies; excellent word processing and accurate keyboarding skills required; advanced understanding of Word and Excel; InDesign skills a plus
  • Ability and willingness to become familiar with relational database is required; familiarity with Raiser’s Edge a plus
  • Must be focused, professionally mature, motivated to learn, and flexible in response to shifting priorities, and demonstrate ability to work under pressure, understand and follow policies and procedures, and accommodate changing priorities; proven ability to work independently as well as collaboratively on a team; position requires good judgment, rigorous attention to detail, and the ability to handle sensitive/confidential information with discretion
  • Strong interpersonal skills which include an excellent phone manner and personal presentation; must demonstrate a high level of professionalism, discretion, self-confidence, and poise with an ability to deal effectively and politely with people from different backgrounds and experience levels in all types of situations; knowledge of and interest in fundraising and alumni relations in a non-profit setting helpful

This position is an 18-month CDD contract. Only applicants who have French or EU citizenship, or those who hold a valid French Carte de Résident will be considered for this position. Interested candidates should contact Kristina Ver Foley (kfoley@aup.fr)

 Health Plan Coordinator

Date posted: 12/06/2015
Supervisor: Marc Monthéard – Vice President & Dean of Student Services
Category: T3


  • Coordinate with AUP applicants at the confirm stage the gathering of the appropriate documents to constitute the file to apply to the student social security system and acquire a social security number
  • Coordinate with the SMEREP and the supplemental coverage provider the coverage for all AUP students
  • Collect all appropriate documents from students during Orientation, process files and submit then to the appropriate authority
  • Collect all require documents prior or during Orientation in case of exemption requests, follow up and grant or deny exemptions
  • Work closely with the University’s accounting office to ensure the smooth financial operation of the Health Plan
  • Create and run reports allowing checks concerning social coverage and adequate billing
  • Work closely with the Immigration Office to coordinate the social security registration process and the Carte de Séjour process
  • Keep abreast of changes taking place in the French social security system, the SMEREP and the supplemental coverage provider’s policies and coverage  and disseminate relevant information to students
  • Prepare, maintain and ensure availability of documents that promote the service to students
  • Maintain the Health and Wellness pages on the AUP Web site
  • Assist and work closely with students for any health related matters including the reimbursement process (social security and supplemental coverage provider)
  • Collect all supplemental insurance reimbursement claims from AUP students and send them to the supplemental coverage provider weekly
  • Prepare the bi-annual reports for the department assessment and to ensure the coherence between Health coverage and billing.
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor


  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, service-oriented
  • Bilingual English/French, preferably French native speaker
  • Highly organized and attentive to details
  • Self-motivated and able to work independently
  • High degree of computer literacy, particularly spreadsheet, e-mail and word processing software
  • Familiar with higher education.  Knowledge of the American system of higher education is an advantage.
  • Understanding of the French social security system and French administrative processes

Interested candidates should contact msavean@aup.edu

 Library Technical Services Assistant 

Date posted: 18/06/2015
Department: AUP - Library
Supervsor: Sally Murray – Technical Services, Web and E-Resources Librarian
Working hours: This is a full-time position with a 35-hour/week schedule.

Main Activities:

This is an important support position for the Technical Services Department of the Library. Under the supervision of the Technical Services, Web and E-Resources Librarian, the Technical Services Assistant performs the following tasks:

On Technical Processes side:

Maintains multiple records for periodicals/databases/e-books for accounting and inventory control. Files invoices in archive after the end of the fiscal year and keeps invoices filed. Figures the price per use for all online resources as required by the supervisor and keeps usage statistics. Works on special projects whenever necessary (this may be pulling, discarding, managing great numbers of URLs, inputting records, etc.)


  • Reception of all periodical publications, daily check in and handling problems.
  • Under the supervision of the Web and Online Resource Librarian collate monthly and yearly periodical statistics.
  • Collapses print periodicals in Voyager on a regular basis.
  • Compare vendor prices, AMICAL prices and Couperin prices.
  • Keep periodicals up-to date on Trueserials and EZProxy.
  • Keeps and updates the periodicals password, contact and URL information in the master file.
  • Contacts vendors for prices, problems or questions related to periodicals.
  • Under direct supervision, reviews all invoices for journals and sends them to the Accounting Office and ensures payment.
  • Creates invoices for periodicals in Voyager.
  • Inputs and keeps up to date the periodical expenses ledger.
  • Processes all periodicals related mail.
  • Claims missing serials and periodicals on a regular basis.
  • Gets AUP periodical publications for the Library.
  • Supervises the Student Grant Recipients in discarding journals and newspapers at the beginning of the month, and does it in their absence.


  • Creates invoices for databases in Voyager.
  • Contacts vendors for prices, problems or questions related to databases.
  • Compare vendor prices, AMICAL prices and Couperin prices.
  • Keeps and updates the database password, contact and URL information in the master file.
  • Under direct supervision, reviews all invoices for databases, sends them to the Accounting Office and ensures payment.
  • Inputs and keeps up to date the database expenses ledger.


  • Assists in gathering statistics and discard information to be sent to the Accounting Office at the end of the fiscal year.
  • Helps with discards by pulling items, helps disseminate the items to faculty and updates the records in Voyager.
  • Under the supervision of the Technical Services, Web and E-Resources Librarian will be required to help with the technical services aspects of the library inventory.
  • Prepare discard records for OCLC periodic batchloads.
  • In the absence of the student assistant accessions items, makes labels and labels the items.
  • Changes basic information on cataloging records: adding table of contents of required books, CDs and DVD, etc.

On the administrative side:

In the absence of Administrative Assistant, may be asked to distribute mail in the staff mailboxes.

Service Desk:

Present at the service desk (depending on the semester schedule: 4 - 5 hours a week, provide general information on the use of the Library and its collection, “first-aid” help for students, monitor and supervise Student Grant Recipients while on duty, monitor the Library when staffing Service Desk on evening and week-end hours depending on the semester schedule. Will need to open the Library and work on evenings and weekends on occasion (vacations, staff illness, vacancies, etc.) when requested by the Library.


Under the supervision of the University Librarian and the Technical Services, Web and E-Resources Librarian compile and write the different library communications, library news for the AUP News column, slides for student TV network, news feed or blog for the library home page and library Facebook page. Promote the library through social media.
Collaborate with AUP Communications Department for cooperative posting and sharing of posts.

Other tasks as assigned by the supervisor to help the library or other departments.


  • Bilingual English/French
  • Ability to handle detailed and repetitive tasks.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills; previous public relations experience desirable
  • High degree of computer literacy and technology.
  • Able to use: Excel, Windows, Outlook, general keyboarding skills.
  • Ability to learn Voyager Acquisitions module, cataloging module, labeling program, EZProxy, Facebook administration, WordPress (blogs), book display widget program.
  • Some basic graphic design skills are desirable.
  • Ability to work independently is important.
  • Good written and verbal communication with supervisor and vendors.

Interested candidates should contact msavean@aup.edu

 Residential Life Assistant

Department: Housing / Residential Life
Supervisor: Jennifer Larsen, Housing Coordinator

About the position:

As we expand our department to include increased Residential Life functions, we seek a new team member to assist with student roommate conflicts and to plan and execute community building activities related to student housing. 

Main functions

  • Monitor maintenance issues raised by students, ensuring that issues are dealt with in a timely manner by the housing provider
  • Meet with and assist students who present roommate issues, referring more serious conflicts to the Housing Coordinator.
  • Complete and organize Action Forms for each student concern presented to the Residential Life Office.
  • Regularly visit apartments in order to check on maintenance issues as well as to lead roommate mediation meetings in the students’ living space.
  • Collaborate with the Student Leadership office to supervise completion of new student apartment visits, which are done by our team of Student Advisors.
  • Help manage the homestay program by organizing communication to students and homestay hosts, by collaborating on the planning of cultural activities, and by reviewing student homestay requests and survey results on a semester basis.
  • Assist Housing Coordinator with execution of bi-annual student satisfaction surveys. Organize student focus groups related to housing, and other assessment-related activities.
  • Collaborate on roommate placement, using data collected from student housing questionnaires.
  • Respond to regular inquiries from incoming students and their parents about our housing offer.
  • Maintain the housing database, updating apartment offers and uploading photos submitted by landlords.
  • Other appropriate tasks as assigned by supervisor.


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Bilingual English/French
  • Previous experience as a resident advisor in a student dormitory, or as a peer counselor
  • Computer literate: previous experience using Microsoft Office required, basic knowledge of Drupal a plus
  • High-energy person with a positive outlook
  • Cultural sensitivity; experience studying/working in highly diverse environments

Interested candidates should contact msavean@aup.edu