Paris is an international metropolis hosting literally tens of thousands of multinational corporations, international organizations, startup companies, and nonprofits. AUP students are global explorers and should make the most of the professional development opportunities available in Paris’ international economy. 

The American University of Paris encourages students to complete at least one internship during their academic program. Internships enable students to explore their interests, develop their network, and gain the professional experience they need for life after graduation. 

That said, internship law and policies in France are complex. It is imperative that each student inform themselves of this information. Here are three ways to do so: 

  1. Meet with us! You can attend an internship info session or a one-on-one meeting. While the policy and laws are clear, their application is unique to each student’s individual circumstances. Personalized advice is our specialty. 
  2. Watch the Internship Prep Tutorials. There are eight short videos designed to help you quickly and effectively gain an understanding of all the basic information surrounding internships. It will take about two hours in total to watch all the videos and submit the associated webforms. If you are participating in the GPS Program, completing the Internship Prep Tutorial is one of your recommended activities. 
  3. Read the AUP Internship Policy Handbook. This handbook outlines the entire AUP internship policy. 

A French law stipulates that internships are reserved for currently enrolled degree-seeking students. Once students have been coded as graduates they cannot carry out an internship. Deferring graduation by extending your student status enables students to complete a final zero-credit internship before leaving AUP. Read more about this here


Internships and Visas 

Students are responsible for ensuring that their visa status is current and appropriate based on where and when the student plans to intern. Every country is different – do not make any assumptions. The best place to begin searching for information is on the website of the local Paris-based embassy of the country where you are interested in interning. The companies listed below provide assistance with internship visas in certain countries, and can be hired directly by the student: 

  • United Kingdom: BUNAC 

SIS guides students through the student visa process, and students with a valid long-term student visa who are enrolled as full-time degree-seeking students are eligible to intern in France. Students are not eligible to do internships after they graduate. If you have requested to defer the conferment of your degree after the completion of your degree requirements, you may need to find an internship and have a signed French internship contract (convention de stage) for a company in France before you can apply for a visa extension to do the internship.