Summer School

AUP’s Summer Institutes allow you to immerse yourself in French culture and history while earning credits towards your degree or as part of your continuing education through class audits. AUP Summer School is organized into interdisciplinary institutes that provide the ideal mixture of intensive learning in class and creative exploration of Paris, combining the best of our academic programs with excursions and events around the city. Whether you take one class or a few, you will get to experience the best of what both AUP and Paris have to offer. 

During your summer at AUP, you’ll engage in lively discussions, in-depth language study, and intensive workshops with professors and students from around the world. Our course offerings fall under seven institutes:

Your summer at AUP

We want you to be able to dive into all of the fascinating components of Parisian life, develop your artistic aspirations, and lay down the foundation for your academic and professional future. Take a look at the video above and get a taste of summer at AUP.


Practical information
  • All AUP Summer School courses are transferable for academic credit in the U.S. university system.

  • Courses numbered 1000 to 2099 are generally introductory courses designed for freshmen and sophomores (first and second year undergraduates). Courses numbered 3000 and above are principally for juniors and seniors (third and fourth year undergraduates).

  • Enrollment may require proof of successful completion of prerequisite courses. Please see each course description.
  • Tuition for course credit  is charged at the university’s standard rate of 940 euros/credit.
  • Housing can be requested through the university. Shared rooms and single rooms are available. All accommodation is central with access to Paris’s extensive public transportation network.

Feel free to request further information or contact our summer counselor. If you’re ready for an unforgettable summer, don’t hesitate to apply now. We look forward to seeing you.

Summer Session 2019 

Summer courses are organized in two sessions that take place in June and July. Courses are available in 3-week or 6-week formats. Please refer to the individual course description to view the specific start and end dates for each course.

Key Dates for Summer School, 3 Week Session, June 2019
3 June Housing check-in
4 June Orientation (mandatory)
3 June Housing check-in
5 June Classes begin
17 June Last day to withdraw from course
26 June End of classes
27 June Housing check-out
Key Dates for Summer School, 3 Week Session, July 2019
30 June Housing check-in
1 July Orientation (mandatory)
2 July Classes begin
10 July Last day to withdraw from course
20 July End of classes
21 July Housing check out


Key Dates for Summer School, 6 Week Session
3 June Housing check-in
4 June Orientation (mandatory)
26 June Last day to withdraw
17 July End of classes
21 July Housing check-out


To explore all courses available this summer, or search by start date head to our catalog or browse all available courses.