Fashion and Luxury Branding Institute

Long the epicenter of global fashion and luxury goods, Paris is the premier place to explore the world of high-end design and branding. Through our courses, you will be introduced to both the history and theory of fashion and given the opportunity to experience the Paris fashion business first-hand. Past courses have included Global Fashion and Design and The Cultural History of Fashion, and students who enroll in the course L’art de vivre à la française will get an up-close look at luxury lifestyle brands during one of fashion’s biggest events: Paris’ Haute Couture Fashion Week. 



Global Fashion and Design

Paris has been the self-proclaimed world fashion capital for more than three-hundred years. Fashion is essentially a phenomenon of the modern city and Paris constituted the perfect stage for its spectacle. This city has influenced the very notion of fashion itself, but also global aesthetic codes, and the way we consume and wear garments. Paris and its fashion myth have been instrumental in the development of a global fashion system. The relationship between this “fashion city” and its global context forms the subject of this course.

See CM2091-3WK1 - Global Fashion and Design in Summer 2020

L'art de vivre a la Française 

This interdisciplinary course looks at a rich variety of elements: fashion, design, architecture, art, gastronomy—in other words, those subjects which demonstrate “L’art de vivre à la française.” The course will include a field trips, speakers, and readings to introduce students to the luxury lifestyle milieu in Paris and France more generally.

See CM2091-3WK2 - L'art de vivre a la Française in Summer 2020

Cultural Excursions

Make the most of your time in Paris this summer by participating in an optional cultural excursion like the Paris Fashion Walk. Follow in the footsteps Coco Chanel, the queen of traditional French chic in the district of the famous rue St Honoré and place Vendome, time honored center of the luxury trade and jewelers. This guided tour focuses on the history the fashion houses in this area and the elegant shops of today, and also looks at the impact of Coco Chanel's legacy. Learn more

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3-week class:



3-week class: