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Dear AUP Community members,


It has come to our attention that some members of the AUP community have been using the free version of, a legitimate transcription software. While we acknowledge the utility of such tools, it's crucial to note that at this time, AUP does not have a paid enterprise contract with, nor does it endorse or support the use of this software.


It has been observed that employs aggressive marketing techniques, including unsolicited emails and invitations to install their transcription agent, OtterPilot. We want to clarify that AUP does not require or support the installation of or OtterPilot, and users are strongly advised to exercise caution.


If you have received an email or installed the OtterPilot agent, we kindly request you to disregard the communication and take necessary precautions. For those who have already installed the agent, we recommend following the provided steps in this link to uninstall it.


Should you have any immediate concerns or inquiries, please reach out to the IT Services team at or call  + 33 (0)1 40 62 06 96


Kind Regards,

IT Services