All of us at the ACE Center work to engage members of our campus community, our alumni community, and even our community of engaged AUP parents and employers throughout the year. We hold events, visit classes, co-organize the AUP Global Mentoring Program, and share hiring information with employers periodically, among other forms of outreach.  

If you are a parent or friend of AUP looking to support our students with their academic or professional development, you can learn more about how to do so on our parents pages. If you are an employer seeking to offer job or internship opportunities to AUP students and alumni you may do so by submitting this form or by writing to You may also want to consult the AUP Global Talent portal where you can discover incredible student talent and reach out directly to students whose profiles are potentially a good fit for your internship offer. 

If you are a faculty or staff member looking to collaborate with the ACE Center, you can learn more about how we work with colleagues here. We visit 100+ classes per academic year for either brief interventions of 10 minutes to briefly explain our services, or for longer interventions to conduct CV reviews or to coach first-year students on how to construct a degree worksheet. With faculty and staff, we regularly collaborate on events that allow our colleagues to share their skills with our students in unconventional an exciting ways.

We would love to collaborate with you. Reach out!