The Learning Laboratory

A video series where AUP faculty and staff discuss global issues

The Learning Laboratory is a video series in which staff and faculty members discuss major current events and the implications these events might have on their fields of study.

Faculty and staff have always sought to enrich the learning experience in the classroom by looking for teachable moments in the vicinity of AUP's campus in Paris and farther afield. In this series, faculty and staff bring diverse perspectives to focus on a topic affecting the city, the country and beyond.

Created during the French confinement period of Spring semester 2020, the first set of videos in this series focuses on the Covid-19 pandemic, with contributors reflecting on the situation through the lens of their professional expertise.  

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Latest Episode

Episode 10: Public Finance in Extreme Circumstances
Prof. Stephen Sawyer



Previous Episodes

Episode 9: Fashion in Times of Covid-19
Episode 8: Fake News About Coronavirus: Causes and Effects
Episode 7: Covid-19 and its Impact on the Judicial System in the US
Episode 6: The Environmental Impacts of Urban Lockdowns with Prof. Claudio Piani
Episode 5: The Psychology of Social Distancing with Prof. Martin Dege
Episode 4: Flipping the Classroom with Prof. Maria Bach

Access the free digital textbook referenced in the video here:

Episode 3: Covid-19 and the European Union with Prof. Kerstin Carlson


Download the PowerPoint presentation mentioned by Prof. Carlson.

Episode 2: Covid-19 and International Higher Education Policy with Dr. Christopher Grinbergs
Episode 1: Covid-19 and AUP's Transition to Temporary Remote Teaching with Provost Dr. William Fisher