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VIVRE Puts Performing Arts in the Spotlight

Hera Soysal

VIVRE is an interdisciplinary and co-curricular student-led organization whose mission is both to provide the AUP community with a place for creative expression and to promote growth academically and artistically through the performing arts. 

By Hera Soysal

From Opera Garnier to the Moulin Rouge, Paris is a city known for its appreciation of and success in the performing arts. The performing arts offer a myriad of opportunities to celebrate, challenge, value and appreciate the human experience. AUP, as a global liberal arts institution in the heart of Paris, is well placed to contribute to the performing arts scene that enriches the city. So it was that, over a lunch on the hills of Montmartre, five students and one staff member created VIVRE Performing Arts in the 2020 Fall semester. We desired a platform to showcase our talents and encourage others to do so.

VIVRE is the first and only organization on AUP’s campus to cover the whole breadth of the performing arts. It is run by the board of artistic directors, comprised of a student leadership team and faculty and staff advisors. Each student on the board represents a different existing performing arts club on campus – AUP Music and Performance, the dance team, Acting Club, and Creative Production Club.

On November 18, 2021 – just two months after its creation – the VIVRE board conducted its debut performance during the opening of the newly renovated Monttessuy Center for the Arts. We performed the iconic “Willkommen” from Cabaret. The work put into the performance was indicative of how teamwork, creativity and fun can bring life to campus through the performing arts. The bonds created between cast members resonated through our performance, which was an indication of the bright future that the performing arts at AUP have before them.

We believe that a performing arts group on AUP’s campus will help students grow in areas that they don’t normally explore in the classroom. Performing arts helps people be themselves and be confident in who they are. The performing arts teach discipline, determination, creativity and resilience – all while building community and being granted memorable performance opportunities. VIVRE was designed so that students at AUP can use creative expression as a means to better understand the world and to become better at navigating life’s challenges. Our student body was craving an outlet to express themselves through their art. VIVRE gives students a chance to make friends, enhance their talents, and improve their leadership capabilities. Ultimately, through concerts, musicals, plays and dance showcases, participating students can help build experiences that last long after graduation.

In Spring semester 2022, AUP celebrates its 60th anniversary – and the VIVRE board is curating a performing arts festival in honor of this notable event. More than 50 students have auditioned to take part in performances, and those cast will begin bi-weekly rehearsals this month. The performances will take place on AUP’s campus at the end of April and the beginning of May. To get involved or find out more information, you can reach out via email to or message us through Instagram @vivre_aup. In addition, all are welcome to get more involved with the club by attending our weekly board meetings on Tuesdays at 15:20. VIVRE welcomes performers of all backgrounds and skill levels. We look forward to collaborating with you!