Presentation: Dominic Spada (AUP), "Legitimate Failure: The Illegitimacy of Digital Regulation"

Wednesday, November 16, 2022 - 17:00 to 18:30

On November 16th at 5pm, Dominic Spada (AUP) will present a paper titled "Legitimate Failure: The Illegitimacy of Digital Regulation".

Dominic is presently a Master of Science student in Human Rights and Data Science at the American University of Paris, and a Research Intern at the Center for Critical Democracy Studies. The event will take place in Q-609 (6, rue du Colonel Combes).

A description of the paper can be found below:

"The digital transition has presented a new challenge for democratic structures, with regulators left to the task of protecting electorates from highly technical and profitable devices. Across the world, governments have taken different approaches towards regulating the digital, with overbearing regulation in China, delegating governmental responsibility to private companies in the US, or taking steps towards democratic governance in France. The struggle with each of these is fitting them into modern conceptions of democratic legitimacy, with most perceptions unable to adequately account for the digital age. This paper argues that, based on Pierre Rosanvallon’s definition of modern legitimacy, regulatory regimes across the world fail to be democratically legitimate, a condition that requires new notions of legitimacy fit for digital democratic governance".


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