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Comparative Literature & English

Shaping Degas’s Dancers, on Stage, in Wax, in the Press

Grenelle Lobby
Tuesday, October 24, 2023 - 12:10 to 13:30

Andrea Christmas and Liliane Erhart, in conversation with Cary Hollinshead-Strick– ‘Shaping Degas’s Dancers, on Stage, in Wax, in the Press’. 

The nineteenth century saw a progressive feminization of the ballet dancer and masculinization of the imagined audience member even as wax sculpture changed conceptions of how bodies might be shaped and represented. With Degas' ‘La petite danseuse’ as a case study, we'll talk about what was at stake in shaping such a feminine ballet figure.


Bring your lunch to the Grenelle lobby and join the conversation!

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