AUP graduation ceremony at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris.


Young Ambassador of Georgia to France Plans Cultural Events at AUP

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The American University of Paris is very proud to announce that student, Keti Archaia, was recently appointed Young Ambassador of Georgia to France. In honor of this position, she planned two exciting Georgian cultural events at AUP this semester. The first, a Georgian Cuisine Night, took place on October 25 at the Musset Student Residence where students cooked Georgian dishes together and tasted Georgian wine. The second event was a Georgian Soirée held on December 2 at Combes where Georgian guests mingled with AUP students on campus. The evening celebrated Georgian culture, cuisine and music, as they enjoyed a performance from a group of Georgian folk singers dressed in national costume. The evening ended with a charity auction, raising 200 euros to help Georgian families in need. 

In the future, Keti plans to invite the Georgian Ambassador of France to conduct a lecture and also to organize a Georgian film screening with the director present.