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News from the Wine Society: Informal wine tasting at the Sancerre Restaurant

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An informal gathering was hosted on December 2nd by our Wine Society Club at the Sancerre Restaurant in the 7e. The restaurant's sommelier, Monsieur Guillaume, kindly introduced us to various interesting wines.

We first started with a white Saumur La Girardrie 2015 (Vallée de la Loire), before the sommelier had us tasted a white Domaine de la Garenne 2015 (Sancerre region). We ended our wine tasting with a red Gamay 2015 (Pays de l'Ardèche), along with great appetizers.

Thank you to the team of the Sancerre Restaurant for hosting us. And a special thank you to our Club member Catherine for organizing this last get-together of 2016.

Alexis Leven-Mentzelopoulos, President of AUP's Wine Society