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As an AUP alum among over 20,000 alumni living and working in 145 countries, you have asked us to help you connect with one another simply and effectively. Et voilà! AUP Global, launching today, is here to help you strengthen your professional and personal network as well as your ties to the larger AUP community.

AUP Global is an awesome initiative that not only lets alums see what other alums are up to and interact in an easy and intuitive way, but to reconnect with each other in our respective cities or while traveling.

Meg Gagnard '12  Alumna

AUP Global is a new application, accessible from your browser or as a mobile App. It gives you access to your alumni directory, information on news and events of our international chapters and worldwide career opportunities.

On AUP Global, you can:

  • Connect with your classmates and alumni in your area (or wherever you travel!),
  • Join alumni groups and regional chapters,
  • Pursue your career on our new jobs board,
  • Share career and internship opportunities with alumni and current students,
  • Sync information from your LinkedIn account with your AUP Global profile,
  • Renew your ties to AUP and our active worldwide community.

Connecting and reconnecting AUP alumni is a priority for our vibrant community. We’ve all witnessed the unique energy and inspiration with which our alumni infuse all of their enterprises. AUP Global is an exciting new way for you to engage online and take advantage of the many resources and opportunities The American University of Paris provides for its alums.

To share in our excitement of launching AUP Global, one of the first 1,000 people to sign on will win an iPad Pro and every 50th sign-up receives an AUP t-shirt!


Sign up and start using AUP Global today

Visit AUP Global through your web browser and sign up using your personal email address and a password of your choosing. 


Easy access to AUP Global with your phone or tablet

Sign up for AUP Global now.

As any new application, AUP Global may have some quirks that will need to be ironed out. We will be updating the portal and adding functionalities throughout the coming months. For any feedback, suggestions, or questions, please email us at  . We would love to hear from you.