Student Clubs

Student Groups in the Spotlight


The AUP experience is more than academics; here, we believe what happens outside the classroom is as important as what happens inside. Student groups, for example, provide leadership opportunities. They bring our community together with social events and collaborative discussions. They allow students to explore nascent interests or to hone a passion into projects with impact.

Safia Benyahia is AUP’s Student Leadership Coordinator. “What makes my role so rewarding is that every student I work with chooses to be here, volunteering their time,” she says. Safia sees student leaders making a different both on AUP’s campus and beyond, whether it’s through service organizations, student government, publications or other academic or creative projects. “Students earn valuable pre-professional experience and build meaningful friendships.”

But don’t take our word for it – hear it straight from students. This October, student groups at AUP are taking over our Instagram and Facebook accounts. They'll speak about the issues most important to them, share news about what their members stand for, and spread the word about upcoming projects and events. Ready for an unfiltered take on the AUP experience? Follow us on Instagram and look out for student Stories over the coming month.

Participating groups include:

  • Student Government Association: Represents AUP’s diverse student body by providing an open forum for students to express their views and make positive change on campus.
  • Baytna à Vous: Allows students to meet and engage with refugees, especially those settling in France.
  • ReSisters: Works with AUP’s diverse community to expand its understanding of gender equality and intersectional feminism.
  • Black and Abroad: Aims to establish a sense of community for all Black-identifying students of African descent at AUP.
  • Arabesque: Looks to encourage and educate the AUP community about the Arab world and increase the Arab presence and voice on campus.
  • Gender and Sexuality Club: Addresses topics such as sexual orientation and sexual health while aiming to create a more cohesive Queer community at AUP.
  • Debate and Politics Club: Designed to engage students in debating contemporary issues in a constructive and respectful manner, while developing their public-speaking skills.
  • Dead Poets Society: Provides a place for students who enjoy poetry and literature to express themselves and share their passions.