A Semester of New Initiatives from the Center for Media, Communication and Global Change


The Center for Media, Communication and Global Change has recently announced a series of ambitious initiatives aimed at enhancing academic discourse and fostering meaningful collaborations within its community. These initiatives mark a significant step forward in the center's mission to promote innovative research and engage with a broader public audience.


New Podcast Series
A noteworthy addition to MCGC's offerings is the launch of its podcast series. The initiative aims to bridge the gap between academic research and the wider public, drawing inspiration from esteemed platforms like France Culture. Members of the center are encouraged to actively participate in this endeavor. The podcast series will take two distinct forms:

  1. Engaging Interviews: Scholars will have the opportunity to interview fellow researchers whose work aligns with their interests, fostering constructive dialogue.
  2. In-Depth Research Discussions: Esteemed colleagues will conduct in-depth interviews with researchers, delving into their current research endeavors.

To support this initiative, MCGC has established a credit-bearing internship program for AUP students, who will play a pivotal role in producing engaging podcast content. The podcast aims to launch towards the end of the semester. Each podcast episode is expected to range from 30 to 60 minutes in duration.


Introducing the Working Paper Series
MCGC is in the process of creating a digital archive space for its Working Paper Series, drawing inspiration from the renowned Birmingham Center for Cultural Studies. This platform will serve as a repository for contributions from invited scholars, local Parisian academics, and AUP colleagues. The primary purpose is to provide a supportive scholarly environment, facilitating the sharing of research and offering encouragement to fellow researchers amid the demands of academic life.

While these working papers will be publicly accessible, it is important to note that they will not undergo traditional peer-review processes. Instead, an editorial review will be led by Professor Jayson Harsin and a select team of colleagues forming the annual editorial board. Additionally, to maximize visibility, MCGC plans to include transcribed podcast interviews as part of this series. External colleagues may also be invited to present pre-publication working papers via Zoom, pending potential future funding.


Exploring Working Groups
In contrast to the previous Civic Media Lab's structure, MCGC is exploring the formation of internal working groups and labs. Despite modest resources at present, the center aims to maximize its impact and visibility through initiatives such as podcasts and working papers. Cross-center collaborations are also being actively considered, aligning with recommendations in the faculty manual.


Center Open House Night
The center is preparing for an upcoming Open House Night where recently funded research projects will be showcased, and discussions about new initiatives will take center stage. This event provides a valuable platform for community members to exchange ideas and foster collaboration. Keep an eye on the MCGC webpage for more details.


Affiliations and Partnerships
The center is actively pursuing affiliations and partnerships with respected institutions, including recently secured affiliations with Goldsmiths' Leverhulme Center for Media Research; the joint University of Pennsylvania/Rutgers Media, Inequality and Change Center; Northwestern University's Center for Global Culture and Communication; and soon a new research institute at the University of Tampere Finland, and University of Western Ontario, Canada. These collaborative efforts will facilitate the establishment of international working groups, grant applications, and annual workshops in Paris, ultimately leading to impactful publications.


Public Newsletter
Interested individuals will have the opportunity to stay informed about MCGC's latest developments by subscribing to the center's public newsletter, accessible directly from its webpage.


Center Meeting
Members are encouraged to contribute their thoughts and ideas at an upcoming center meeting. Availability can be indicated using the provided Doodle link. Input from the community is instrumental in shaping the center's future direction.


The center extends its appreciation for the dedication of its community members. Collaboration and engagement are at the core of these endeavors, promising an exciting journey ahead for all involved.