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Student Clubs

Giving Back to the Community Through Student Clubs


Students taking care of each other 

Student clubs are a core feature of the university experience on American campuses, and AUP is no exception. This rich and varied ecosystem serves to complement the academic track. The cleverly-named AMP Club (AUP Music & Performance), for example, puts together a range of events and activities for students who are passionate about musical expression. Competitive sports, chess club, creative writing, ballroom dancing… You’ll find the usual university clubs dedicated to hobbies or academics, while others offer the sort of peer-to-peer services that revolve around questions of identity or health. GenSex and AUP for Consent, for example, provide a safe space to discuss issues of sexuality and gender, while the Take Care Club is dedicated to the mental health of the AUP community, and Arabesque or Club Latinoamérica revolve around culture and ethnicity.  

Gen Z students want more than academic success in their chosen field of study: they want to make a meaningful impact in their communities and the world at large, and AUP’s student organizations are a great way to channel this energy. 


A path to success 

Safia Benyahia, Student Leadership Coordinator, encourages students to get involved with AUP’s clubs as much as possible. Not everyone wants to take on a leadership role, but just volunteering one’s time can be a great way to build skills like teamwork, time management, or budgeting for example. Building on 5 years working with the Student Leadership Office in this role, Safia added, “It’s a great way to make friends all while building your resume.” Her department works hard to ensure students have access to dedicated advisors whenever necessary, but she knows it’s also vital to take a step back so they can take ownership​ of their activities​ and make their own mistakes. 

Students involved in clubs tend to be more engaged​ both​ academically and professionally, but the truly dedicated members are clearly driven by a genuine passion for these causes. AUP works hard to create an environment where students can align their core values with their ambitions.  

Matching passion with support 

AUP's clubs are entirely student-led, and this fosters a real sense of intrinsic motivation as volunteers must learn to carve time out of their busy schedules. Clubs like Baytna à Vous and UNICEF are collaborative initiatives with organizations operating in Paris and these often require strong leadership, but when key members graduate​,​ for example​,​ it can be difficult to maintain momentum from one year to the next. This is where faculty advisors really make all the difference, guiding students in their community service efforts to be most effective and create lasting partnerships. Anne-Marie Picard in the French Studies and Modern Languages Department, for example, has helped students run Campus UNICEF for the past year, while Ziad Majed, Associate Professor in the Department of History and Politics, has been working with Baytna à Vous since its inception. 

These organizations, thanks to the dedication of both advisors and students, provide great opportunities to work with existing ​actors in the charity and activism sectors. This kind of volunteering is of course its own reward, but on a professional level can also boost the resume of students interested in working in these sectors down the line. So if you’re looking for a way to give back to your community, be it at the micro or the macro level, or if you just want to find like-minded students who can dance or hold their own in chess, ​turn to AUP clubs. We likely have a club just for you.

Opportunities await: Get Involved Today 

For new students looking to get involved with AUP's clubs, keep an eye out for the following events: 

  • Welcome Fair: Join us on the last day of Orientation to explore the various clubs and find your passion. 

  • Club’s Night: Don't miss the chance to meet club members and leaders every second Tuesday of the semester from 6:30-8:30PM. 

  • Designing Your AUP: Keep an eye out for workshops offered by the ACE Center. 

  • Reach out to Safia Benyahia in the Student Development Office