Scholarship Winners on Campus

Hera Soysal

Roll Camera

I’m currently a sophomore majoring in global communications and minoring in journalism. Since starting my AUP journey, I have dedicated myself to broadcast journalism and learning the ins and outs of producing quality video content. Through working with AUP Student Media’s video platform, Peacock Play, I have produced numerous videos discussing campus issues – including the “Corona Diaries” series, which lifted people’s spirits during the Covid-19 lockdown.

In Fall 2020, I will take over as Executive Producer of Peacock Play, so we can continue to offer quality content for our audience. I am also the Global Communications Senator for SGA. Since Spring 2020, I have contributed to weekly senate meetings, which help our student body access resources and carry out campus activities smoothly.


Taking the Leap

University is a time for exploring. If I’m to jump out of my comfort zone, I want to take the fullest leap. That’s why I chose to attend AUP: where lessons continue out in the Paris streets, through architecture, cuisine and an understanding of both academia and culture. I wanted to change the sources from which I drew my inspiration and finally find myself in a place as diverse as my imagination. My goal is to immerse myself in French culture as well as my school community and to find a way to meet other creative minds and fuel my passion for education.

For me, education goes beyond the classroom and beyond French borders. When I received my scholarship, I knew I’d have a university experience unlike any other student graduating from my high school. With my scholarship, I can attend AUP and explore various cities in Europe both in and out of the classroom. I feel extremely privileged to be able to live and study in such a beautiful, historic city.


Funding Futures

Scholarships allow students to fulfill their academic goals regardless of their financial circumstances. Personally, I believe scholarships hold an even greater importance at AUP as they are crucial to maintaining the University’s uniqueness. I, and many others, value AUP’s diverse student body, which represents over 108 nationalities. By giving scholarships to students from all backgrounds, classes will be filled with people who think and act differently, leading to a creative learning environment. Without scholarships, many students – me included – wouldn’t be able to receive an education in an expensive city like Paris.

AUP embodies the spirit of public service and puts diversity to work. AUP has allowed me to engage in social, economic and political debates that unravel by the hour on campus. AUP has caused me to change my plans for the future by making me more open to working full-time in Europe. Originally, I assumed that upon graduation I would return to the States. Now I feel as if Europe is where I see myself living and fulfilling my career plans.

To the donors, I would like to say thank you – even though that doesn’t go far enough to explain the impact that these generous donations have had on my life! My experiences and accomplishments are partly due to someone’s generosity. These donations made the impossible possible. Every day this idea pushes me to work harder because I know the importance of my education. Our donors are funding our futures, and I plan to make their investment worthwhile.