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Tony Hung ’18

International Economics and Environmental Science

Tony Hung ’18

How did you know AUP was the place for you? 

I knew AUP was right for me both because of the international student population and the location. Paris has so much to offer; it’s not just about having that rose-tinted “Emily in Paris” life, but also about deeply immersing yourself in local events and culture. It's great to work hard and get good results, but also don't forget about the city itself. You never know what's around the corner! I did a double major in international economics and quantitative environmental science with minors in applied mathematics and statistics.

What is your most enduring memory of your time at AUP? 

Working at both the Academic Resource Center (ARC) and the AUP bookstore. Taking on these roles enabled me to help my peers and encouraged me to meet students from other programs. My advice to students would be to maximize your time with all the services AUP has to offer, like the ARC and the Global Professional Skills Program.  

What do you think is unique about AUP? 

I would say the informal way in which you interact with your professors. I would oftentimes have lunch with them and talk about things that are outside of regular class topics.