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Paris Through Photography

Paris Vu Par Ses Photographs

Doisneau’s iconic black-and-white image of young lovers Kiss by the Hôtel de Ville portrays a certain happiness that comes from living in a city whose beauty seems timeless. However, the face of Paris is constantly changing; districts have been destroyed, small businesses have disappeared and traditions have been lost. Since the end of the 19th century, photographers have captured such transformations leaving us traces of a Paris lost in history. Whether known or anonymous, photographers around the world provide their visions of the city, idealizing the quotidian or emphasizing more somber perspectives. Reporters have photographed historic events – such as the occupation, the liberation and May 1968 – as well as their impact on Parisian life, ­showcasing conflicts that threw French society into turmoil.

The objective of the Paris Vu Par Ses Photographes course is to use the camera lens to decipher the city’s history. Each photographer has a unique vision, whether idealist, surrealist, humanistic or provocative. What will be yours? In creating your portfolio, you will tell your own story of the French capital. Whatever inspires you – be it secret places, a chance encounter or even graffiti on walls – it’s your turn to discover Paris and share your version of the city.

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