Pauline Rodhain ’13

Double major in global communications and film studies

Pauline in Los Angeles

Born and raised in Paris, Pauline Rodhain ’13 now lives in Los Angeles working as the Marketing and Communications Director for luxury footwear brand Mia Becar. She explains how studying in AUP’s international environment prepared her to swap Parisian life for a move across the Atlantic.

What did you most enjoy about attending AUP?

I grew up in Paris, but I went to an école bilingue, and I wanted to stay in the international system for undergraduate before applying for American master’s programs after graduation. I always thought AUP would be a great steppingstone to life in the US, and I was right! But the thing I most remember about AUP is the community. Lots of people had an international background, and it was amazing to discover different cultures and languages. I had such a strong sense of belonging, and my English got even better too. It was fun being the local of the group! I discovered Paris in new, exciting ways – and learned a lot about myself.

How did you find the process of moving to the US after graduation?

I got help from a fantastic AUP staff member, who guided me through my master’s applications. It was a lot of hard work, but it was so useful to have access to someone so well versed in helping students navigate the US system. I applied to six colleges, and, thanks to AUP’s support systems, I was accepted to every one. I chose the University of Southern California, and I still live in Los Angeles today. I’m so grateful to AUP staff and faculty for helping me achieve my dream of living in the US.

What’s your favorite thing about Los Angeles?

The weather is definitely a draw! But the way of life is also more laid back than elsewhere in the States. Like Paris, it’s a real melting pot of cultures and communities coming together. And it’s so eclectic! There’s always something to do, whether it’s surfing, skiing or hiking in Big Bear. I also enjoy having access to AUP’s alumni network here. I recently attended an LA Alumni Chapter meet up, and we had an amazing time.

How did AUP impact your career path?

I work for Mia Becar, which is a luxury footwear brand for women. We’ve grown from being a small online business to an international label, and we’re expanding into retail. Our shoes have been modeled in Paris, Qatar and all over the US. I’m the brand’s Marketing and Communications Director. I use the skills I learned from my global communications major every day in my work. Professor Earhart, for example, was very hands on in his approach to digital media and marketing; the knowledge I gained in his classes ten years ago is indispensable in my industry today.

What advice do you have for students looking to work in fashion?

I would say the most important thing is to build and maintain a strong network. Take time to check in with people, because you never know who is going to help you down the line. My friends from AUP now work at amazing companies all over the world, and some even started their own businesses. When you are passionate about your industry and curious enough to learn more, you’ll find even greater opportunities. It helps to be around people who share your values and mission. AUP did that for me!