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Video Production

Identify, film, edit and play

AUP’s Video Production practicum (available to undergraduate and graduate students) provides a practical component to the art of visual storytelling, as a complement to your theoretical training. Over the course of the semester, you will learn your way around HD cameras, microphones, and the editing program, Final Cut Pro, in order to produce video projects, which will be written, pitched, filmed, and edited largely at the discretion of you and your fellow students.

This unique approach to learning has provided me with a well-rounded academic experience at AUP.

Vivian Nguyen AUP Student

As you take in everything from best practices in audio capturing to the nuances of collaborating on technical and artistic projects, you will find that no matter in what direction you take your career, understanding the processes behind video production can bear unexpected benefits and help you cultivate storytelling skills that can be adapted and developed to your needs and interests.