Student Work

UNESCO Youth Forum

Peacock Student Media Group

In 2015, over 500 young people from around the world, each nominated by local UNESCO National Commission Offices, were brought together to attend UNESCO's 9th Annual Youth Forum. Here, they were encouraged to exchange their views and opinions on climate change and the post-2015 Sustainable Development agenda, as they created a list of recommendations for nations, to be presented after the Forum. In doing so, the perspectives, needs, and voices of future generations would not be lost when formulating the new development agenda.

At this historic event, 25 students from AUP Student Media (ASM) were invited to provide on-the-ground news coverage as the Forum’s official news source, with daily glimpses into and updates on guest speakers, workshops, and other planned activities. Over the three days of the Forum, AUP students produced three digital newsletters in English and French and a print magazine, while Peacock TV helped produce videos that displayed daily highlights. AUP students were also able to enjoy a unique behind-the-scenes look at the conference as they interviewed Cillian Murphy, actor and Patron for UNESCO’s Child and Family Research Center, filmed videos for BBC Arabic, and organized media communications for the Forum.

According to Anne Elder, executive editor for ASM’s news website, “Collaborating with UNESCO is a unique and, in many ways, monumental experience for journalism students here at AUP. It will be a great opportunity for the undergraduate students to put their skills to the test on a more fast-paced, global stage, and it will be great to see what innovation they can bring to the Forum.”