Study Trip


Ancient Art and Architecture

In Professor Anna Russakoff’s Ancient Art and Architecture class and Professor Jonathan Shimony’s Materials and Techniques of the Masters class, you take your learning to the streets of Rome. Dig beneath the rich layers of history or explore concepts in photography and drawing that make this historic city a modern-day wonder.

Whether it is the Baroque façade of the Il Gesu cathedral, the gardens of Tivoli or Michaelangelo’s glorious Renaissance masterpiece of the Sistine Chapel, you will come away from this trip feeling like you had a special moment of learning.

Anna made everything come alive. You can always see some popular tourist place and learn about it, but when you go with a teacher who tells you everything about the place, who is a real expert, it somehow makes everything more significant.

Zipporah Alcaraz Global Communications

These significant moments don’t just happen during class time. Often times, these moments happen outside of class time and are truly memorable, like during a quiet sunset walk through the historic Trastevere district.

It's really beautiful with all these old houses in different colors, yellows, reds and oranges, and everything is tightly packed, right alongside these meandering cobblestone streets. It just had a hominess to it and that's something special to feel so far away from home.

Evgenia Voutcheva Global Communications and Art History (Visual Culture Track)

Like all of our Cultural Program trips, your schedule will be jam-packed full of activities and experiences. Over your days in Rome, you will explore the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Roman Forum, the Capitoline Museum, the Vatican and more. Pack your classroom with you and discover experiential learning while roaming this world capital.