I am thankful for the coach’s time and effort spent on encouragement, guidance, inspiration and motivation, which has definitely left a mark on me. – Amir Haddad, AUP Basketball Captain and team member 2013 – 2017

Experience AUP Athletics

During your time at AUP you will have the opportunity to represent the university in more places than just the classroom, and it is easy to make athletics and physical fitness a regular part of your time here. Whether a recreational beginner or an accomplished athlete, we welcome you to join us.

Meet local French university students by taking part in regular league games and tournaments, and help organize the charity events that have given our athletes a reputation on campus of being active and involved in our community.

Team Offerings

Our teams are driven by our players – this means you! And we are limited only by your passion and creativity. Because sports are catered to your interests the team offerings will vary from year to year. However, our Basketball, Volleyball, Equestrian Club and Indoor Soccer teams are regular fixtures. Find out more about our current competitive teams.

Contact the PAS Office to get in the game!

As a member of the team, I learned not only to work with others, but with people from all over the world. This also helped me to learn about living a healthy lifestyle and how to balance my schedules. – Sarah Louise Keough, AUP Volleyball Captain 2014 – 2018

Beyond Competitive Sports we also offer recreational activities, gym membership packages and a Health and Wellness program. Browse our pages to learn more.