University Policies
& Guidelines

- Academic Integrity

The continuous evaluation of student learning is an integral part of the educational process at The American University of Paris as it is in all American universities. Students must demonstrate their knowledge and comprehension through a wide range of academic exercises, which may include written assignments, research, in-class essays, graphical and computer modeling, examinations or oral presentations. For faculty to perform such assessment, students must maintain integrity and ethical behavior in their academic work. The Code of Academic Integrity is the foundation of teaching and learning at AUP. It is an indispensable attribute of serious scholarship, and a hallmark of the University’s mission and scholarly reputation. As members of the AUP community, students are responsible for upholding the tenets of this code, and for being aware of academic policies and procedures. Ignorance of any part of the Code of Academic Integrity and/or AUP policies concerning academic misconduct does not excuse violations.

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