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Faces of AUP - Raymond D. Flowers

Raymond D. Flowers
First Registrar

First Registrar, Director of Admissions and the College’s Business Manager

Born to a working-class family in Toledo, Ohio, on August 6, 1923, Raymond Flowers felt a contrary calling to the world of academia. He dove into his life’s work without hesitation, teaching high school classes in business after graduating. By the time he met Dr. Lloyd A. DeLamater in May 1961, Ray already held an established position in the community of American high school administrators in Europe, making him an indispensable addition to Dr. Lloyd A. DeLamater’s team. He worked at ACP until April 1965, when he suffered a devastating stroke. Ray was unfortunately never to speak or write again, and he lived the rest of his days in his hometown of Toledo, finally passing away in February 1999.