The Global Professional Skills Certificate Program is holistic in that it supports students as they navigate the entirety of their university experience, which includes their activities inside and outside the classroom. GPS encourages students to get involved in a wide variety of enriching activities across campus, supports students as the think about their post-AUP plans, and empowers students to establish the ability to articulate what they’ve learned and how it’s applicable in the context of their objectives.

The GPS Program is part of The American University of Paris’s Global Liberal Arts Core Curriculum (GLACC). All degree-seeking undergraduate students are required to complete an Experiential Learning activity. One way for a student to complete the Experiential Learning requirement of the core curriculum is to complete the GPS program and earn their GPS Certificate.

GPS gave me the confidence to apply to a globally ranked top university, which is something I would not have done otherwise.

GPS Partner Courses

To increase the number of experiential learning opportunities for AUP students, the GPS Program has partnered with a number of courses across all academic departments. All GPS partner courses include an experiential learning component that allows students to earn GPS credit by actively participating in the course’s activities, projects, and events. GPS course partnerships inspire students to approach their studies with increased sense of purpose and intentionality. 

The GPS Program happily supports GPS partner course faculty with the design, promotion, and organization of experiential learning events. 

Are you a faculty member teaching a course with an experiential learning component? To start a GPS-course partnership, contact or reach out to a faculty member of the GPS team