Before your internship starts, it must be registered with AUP. Please also be sure to compile the necessary paperwork well in advance.

There are three important steps to successfully register your internship with AUP:

According to your situation – internships taking place in France, abroad or within an international organization – you may be required to sign an internship contract (convention de stage, generic training agreement or memorandum of agreement). This is also an excellent opportunity for you to learn more about your rights and responsibilities [pdf] as an intern so you can better understand your contract.


Why do I need to register my internship with AUP?

Internships in France

You must register your internship with AUP if it is taking place in France to ensure you retain your legal status as a student and obtain the necessary paperwork (convention de stage or internship contract). In France, interning without student status and without an internship contract is illegal.

Internships within an International Organization

International organizations often require that you provide proof of student status or that AUP issue official documentation in regards to the internship (hence the necessity to register the internship with AUP).

Internships abroad (outside of France)

If you have secured an internship abroad, please note that you may be required to also register with AUP under the following circumstances:

  • If you would like to earn credit for the internship;
  • If you need documentation or proof of enrollment (for a visa application, etc.);
  • If it is requested by the hosting organization;
  • If it is required by the legislation of the country where the internship will take place.

It is your responsibility to double-check if you need to register your internship or not.


Internship Registration Process

Now that you have found a great internship, the next step is to register it with AUP. Follow these 3 steps and you will be ready to go!


1. Submit a registration request form

Internship academic requirements

  0&1-CR 4-CR (exc. 3-CR*) 0-CR 4-CR 8-CR (only MAGC)
Minimum working hours 120 hrs. 160 hrs. 120 hrs. 160 hrs. 240 hrs. (7 weeks full time)
GPA At least 2.00 At least 3.00
Earned credits 32 (including transfer credits) 16 AUP credits
Maximum length 6 months

*Only available to Bachelor's students under certain conditions.



Internship registration policies at AUP

An internship registration is independent of the university’s (pre-)registration schedule. An internship can start and end at any time of the semester. However, internships are assigned to the academic semester in which the main part of the internship takes place. In certain cases, re-registration rules apply [pdf]. An incomplete grade will show on the student’s transcripts until all assignments have been submitted and graded after the internship ends. It is important to note that an incomplete internship grade will not prolong student status beyond the last semester of study.

Fill out the appropriate online form

If you meet these requirements, please complete the appropriate webform with your internship details. Upon submission of your internship registration request, all appropriate AUP offices and faculty will be contacted. Please remember that it takes an average of one week for an internship to be officially registered.


2. Pay for the internship through Student Accounting Services

Transfer the tuition fee to Student Accounting Services or pay in person (for information about internship tuition fees, please refer to the webforms or policy document). Please note prices may change for the following semester. Undergraduates do not pay a fee for an internship within the 18-credit full-time tuition in Spring and Fall.

BA and MA 0-CR internship

BA 1-CR internship

BA 3 or 4-CR internship

MA 4 or 8-CR internship

Fee  of  200  euros  (academic year 2016/2017).

Pay per credit. Fee of 886 euros per credit (academic year 2016/2017).


Free of charge if part  of the  full-time  tuition  in  fall  or  spring, knowing that the credit limit is 18.

Pay per credit. Fee of 886 euros per credit (academic year 2016/2017).


If the credit-bearing internship is part of the full-time tuition in fall or spring, then the student does not need to pay any extra. The credit limit is 18.

Pay per credit. Fee of 806 euros per credit (academic year 2016/2017).


Internship cost budgeted in the full program tuition    (i.e. internship    instead    of class or thesis).

Exceptional cases

Students whose internship tuition fee will be covered by a foreign government, an embassy, or a private organization must contact Student Accounting Services to request an invoice to be sent to the organization in question.

Students who are receiving US federal or private loans need to contact one of the Financial Aid Officers in the Admissions Office with a formal request to certify additional funds or to process a new loan application. Note that in order to be eligible for US federal loans, BA and MA students have to do their internship outside of the United States (new regulation by the U.S. Department of Education - valid as of 1 July 2011).


3. Inform the Internship Office after receiving approvals

Approvals granted for your internship can be viewed in the document tracking section of your student portal profile. This approval process can take several days or up to several weeks if there are delays in the internship tuition-fee payment; please check back regularly.

Once all approvals have been received, students must contact the Internship Office.



Once your internship is registered, you will need to obtain paperwork from AUP before you start your internship:


Internships taking place in France

A convention de stage (French internship contract) is required for all internships taking place in France and must be signed by AUP, the student and the hosting organization.

The convention will only be issued by the Internship Office once the internship is officially registered with AUP and before the credit-bearing or non-credit internship begins.

The convention stipulates the dates of the internship, general tasks, and indicates that the internship is directly connected to your course of study. It also provides mandatory supplemental workplace insurance. It can take up to two weeks for the internship coordinator to organize a valid convention signed by all three parties.


Internships abroad (outside of France)

Under certain conditions, students may be required to sign a training agreement. Contact the Internship Office for further information.


Internships taking place within an international organization

No convention de stage is required. The organization may still require the student to sign a contract or a memorandum of agreement and to provide a letter of endorsement from AUP.

We strongly encourage you to learn more about your rights and responsibilities [pdf] as an intern so you can better understand your contract.