Lavinia Stanescu


From a very young age, I have had an interest in foreign languages and a passion for discovering new cultures. It all started with my parents enrolling me in a German kindergarten and taking my sister and me on trips around the globe. As my appetite for discovering the “unknown” grew, I was determined to work as hard as I could to one day be able to leave my home town of Bucharest, Romania and study abroad. I was 17 when I applied to The American University of Paris, after meeting Randy Vener, Deputy Director of Admissions, at an international university fair in Bucharest.

When I learned about the international environment at AUP, the kind of professors and students the University attracts, its original curriculum and AUP’s location in one of the most mesmerizing capitals of the world, the choice was clear – there was NO other choice.

I was determined to prove my worth and I wanted to give back as much as I could to those who believed in me enough to grant me this opportunity.

Lavinia Stanescu

I will never forget the day when I received the acceptance letter, accompanied by a scholarship offer. I felt excited and scared, but also fearless and empowered. Most importantly, I felt extremely grateful. I was determined to prove my worth and I wanted to give back as much as I could to those who believed in me enough to grant me this opportunity. I helped in various offices throughout the University including Admissions, Alumni and the President’s Office. Having frequent interactions with prospective students, their parents and board members, I was finally recruited to the Student Ambassador Program, which I was charged to lead in 2012.

When I arrived at AUP, I was convinced that I wanted to only study economics – little did I know that I would end up developing an interest in global communications or that I would pursue a double major in addition to a minor in mathematics. The passion demonstrated by AUP professors in each of their lectures was contagious and translated into my desire to get involved to the fullest of my abilities. In addition to my other co-curricular activities, I decided to enroll in the Academic Resource Center and become a Calculus tutor. The two following years, I also become a microeconomics tutor and an assistant to the French Department.

Throughout my time at AUP, I made the conscious decision to get deeply involved with academic departments, clubs, sports and other activities on campus to contribute to the AUP community and make the most of the opportunity that my scholarship gave me.

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