There are 3 main types of academic requirements a student should consider when planning an internship:

  1. General academic internship requirements, prior to internship registration (see chart below)
  2. AUP Internship registration policies
  3. Internship Assignments


  0&1-CR 2CR (exceptional) 3-CR (exceptional) 4CR 0-CR 4-CR 8-CR (only MAGC)
Minimum working hours 120 hrs.     160 hrs. 120 hrs. 160 hrs. 240 hrs.
GPA At least 2.00 At least 3.00
Earned credits 32 (including transfer & advanced standing credits) 16
Maximum length 6 months within the same organization (per academic year)


If you do not meet all the academic requirements applicable to your case, your request will be denied.

Please contact the Internship Office if you wish to discuss your internship registration (semester, credits, process, and costs).