Internships in France

You must register your internship with AUP if it is taking place in France to ensure you retain your legal status as a student and obtain the necessary paperwork (convention de stage or internship contract). In France, interning without student status and without an internship contract is illegal.



Organizations that operate on international territory (or that are except from certain aspects of local legislation) often require that you provide proof of student status or that AUP issue official documentation in regards to the internship. In these cases, the internship must be registered.


Internships abroad (outside of France)

If you have secured an internship abroad, please note that you may be required to also register with AUP under the following circumstances:

·      If you would like to earn credit for the internship;

·      If you need documentation or proof of enrollment (for a visa application, etc.);

·      If it is requested by the hosting organization;

·      If it is required by the legislation of the country where the internship will take place.

It is your responsibility to double-check if you need to register your internship or not.