Fashion Studies is a rising subject at The American University of Paris. The Fashion Track of the MA Global Communications, Department of Communication, Media and Culture was founded in 2010. We launched a Minor in Fashion Studies in 2020 and are currently developing a Major. The Fashion Studies community at AUP is very much part of the global Fashion Studies community that we are aiming to connect with and bring together through collaborations, communications and conferences. Fashion Studies at AUP takes place as much inside as outside the classroom. You will find events, profiles, links and resources below – an impression of how AUP fosters collaborative explorations and critical thinking on fashion.

Fashion at AUP

Fashion Talks at AUP

Fashion Talks at AUP is a series of lectures and conversations curated by Professor Renate Stauss and Professor Sophie Kurkdjian. It brings together different voices, experiences and perspectives in fashion. This year's series is entitled: Between Despair and Hope, the movement and space between these two seemed apt to explore fashion this year –those making and wearing it.

Fashion Podcast

Fashion is a great teacher – The fashion education podcast

Fashion is a great teacher because it provides a fantastic lens to learn about the world and its people, about history, politics and culture. Join Renate Stauss and Franziska Schreiber, professors of fashion theory and fashion design in Paris and Berlin to discover the most inspiring voices in fashion education, their take on the how and why of learning and teaching fashion, their doubts and hopes, their lessons from fashion.

Fashion Cultures and Histories – Research Seminar Series

This seminar series aims to deconstruct dominant narratives around “Paris fashion”, to contribute to the re-writing of de-hierarchized and de-centralized fashion histories. To do so, it builds on and brings together seminal research, practices and perspectives.

The Multilogue 2021 on Fashion Education

The Multilogue 2021 on Fashion Education – A Conference on Learning and Teaching Fashion in Theory and Practice is a participatory and outcome-oriented space focused on the learning and teaching of fashion at tertiary level. It aims to explore and illustrate the diversity and complexity of the field and the practices of fashion education. It aims to foster a greater understanding of its pasts, presents and futures – methods, values and didactic, pedagogic and epistemological questions. This conference thus seeks to inspire mutual learning, collaborative research and shared action – fashion educations for NOW. 1–2 October 2021, online, organized by Professor Renate Stauss & Franziska Schreiber.

The Digital Multilogue 2020 on Fashion Education

The The Digital Multilogue 2020 on Fashion Education organized by Renate Stauss & Franziska Schreiber brought 300 fashion educators from 40 countries and 5 continents together – not just to listen but to meet and start multiple international dialogues. It offered a series of short provocations, a conversation and at the heart of it 18 small-scale workshops – all generously facilitated by some of the most inspiring voices in fashion education and on the edge of it. The rich Proceedings of the Multilogue 2020 have just been published – enjoy the read!


Workshop: Culture(s) de Mode

Culture(s) de Mode is a French research network created in 2018 with the French Ministry of Cultural Affairs to develop research on fashion. Directed by Sophie Kurkdjian, it gathers scholars, curators, archivists, designers, journalists, and students and organizes workshops each month.

Student Activities
Fashion at AUP

Many AUP students are drawn to fashion, whether in their personal lives, through academic pursuits or career goals. During their time at AUP, students engage in a variety of fashion-related activities that support their aspirations, including clubs, fashion week, journalism and more.

Fashion Courses
at The American University of Paris

The American University of Paris provides several pathways to pursue your academic interest in fashion. As a graduate student, you are able to complete the fashion track in the MA in Global Communications and as an undergraduate student, you can complete a fashion minor. Frequent guest lectures and field trips provide a variety of practical, real-life accounts and experiences of the fashion world to supplement theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom.

Studying Fashion
in Paris