USC: Trojan Transfer Plan

Despite the COVID-19 situation, it is USC’s and AUP’s intention to administer The USC Trojan Transfer Plan (TTP) Freshman Year in Paris program as normal in Fall 2020. We are excited to welcome you to the Program. Enquiries and applications are being processed as usual and you should be confident that we will deal with your interest quickly and efficiently.

Congratulations on your invitation to The USC Trojan Transfer Plan (TTP) – Freshman Year in Paris program, offered exclusively through The American University of Paris (AUP). Entering its seventh year, this partnership program has seen more than 400 students transfer to USC for the start of their sophomore year. As a successful transfer pathway to USC, you are offered the chance to spend your freshman year abroad at AUP, earning credits that are fully recognized by USC.

Spending your freshman year abroad has many advantages and more and more universities recognize the benefits of an international experience early on.  Studying in a different culture broadens your perspective and can help frame your interests. It expands your network of contacts. The benefits of study abroad can have a lasting and positive impact on the remainder of your university career and beyond. 

This web space is designed to orient you with the details and benefits of the USC TTP - Freshman Year in Paris program.  It will also provide instructions for accepting our offer to participate in TTP- Freshman Year in Paris.


The American University of Paris

AUP is USC’s partner in the TTP – Freshman Year in Paris program.  Established in 1962, AUP is a US-accredited (Middle States) liberal arts university located in the heart of Paris, France which teaches in English.  AUP’s range of disciplines – largely in the art and humanities, social sciences, and pre-professional programs – are a good match for future USC students. AUP’s student body of approximately 1200 is globally diverse, representing nearly 110 nationalities.  Its outstanding professorial faculty also draws from around the world.  Class sizes are small, and the perspectives shared between classmates from so many cultures and backgrounds shape conversations in ways that would never occur in a homogenous classroom setting.


A Challenging Program

The USC TTP – Freshman Year at AUP is designed to be a challenging program. The Paris context is a wonderful opportunity to grow intellectually, personally and in a way that will enhance both your future studies at USC and the rest of your life.  But it comes with a challenge: you will find yourself in a different country and cultural context as well as a different learning environment, where expectations in and around the classroom call for quick thinking and flexibility. This might not suit some students and requires a degree of maturity, confidence and independent thinking. The rewards, however, are exceptional.


Freshman Year Coursework That Transfers to USC

During your year at AUP you will choose courses across a wide range of subjects. Your AUP courses fulfill USC requirements and transfer when you continue at USC for the start of your sophomore year.  For example, taking four 4-credit courses each semester at AUP will earn 32 transferable semester credits that convey to USC. Below you will find more specific details on USC transfer requirements.


Living and Studying in Paris

Spending a year at AUP also means living in Paris.  The AUP campus is located centrally in Paris’ historic and cultural 7th arrondissement, home to the Eiffel Tower and Napoleon’s tomb at l'Hôtel des Invalides.  Paris plays a central role in many courses you can choose such as art historypolitical science, or business.  The TTP – Freshman Year in Paris program provides a unique opportunity to learn or perfect French language skills in a full immersion setting in the heart of France, yet it allows you to rely on English in the classroom, since AUP courses are taught entirely in English.  Moreover, while in Europe you will want to take advantage of AUP’s many study-travel opportunities through its Cultural Programs Office.  Excursions throughout Europe with AUP faculty members on weekends and during university breaks provide additional opportunities for experiential learning in a global context.

Housing during your year in Paris is provided by AUP’s housing partner,  BlueStripe (formerly known as Comforts of Home) , which places you with three other AUP roommates in fully furnished and equipped 2-bedroom apartments close to campus.  Our apartments have everything you need including cooking, serving and eating utensils; bed and bath linen; even a washing machine.  Apartments include wireless internet and telephone, as well as a 24-hour maintenance hotline.  AUP housing combines the companionship of fellow AUP roommates, an easy commute to campus, and the exceptional experience of living among Parisians in one of the most beautiful and culturally rich cities in the world. 


Preparing for USC While in Paris

During orientation in early September you will meet other future Trojans. You all will be assigned the same AUP academic advisor who is familiar with USC requirements and can assist with your planning.


Transferring to USC

Admission to USC requires a high level of success, in courses likely to be more rigorous than you have experienced in high school. Successfully completing this plan demands hard work and focus, and not all will be successful.  If you are able to complete the following requirements during your year at AUP in the TTP-Freshman Year in Paris program, USC Admission states with a high degree of confidence that you are likely to be admitted as a transfer student:

  1. Complete 30 transferable semester units, earning A’s and B’s,
  2. Earn a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.5 in USC-transferable courses, with no individual grade below C (2.0).  You might notice that the Trojan Transfer Plan typically requires a 3.6 GPA or higher; USC grants a modest dispensation on the GPA expectation given the experiential benefits of living and studying abroad.
  3. Complete USC’s lower division writing requirement by a successful grade in AUP's course, EN2020 Writing & Criticism,
  4. Complete Intermediate Algebra (if you didn't complete Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II with C's or better in every semester in high school).
  5. Take courses in areas of general education (at least two courses per semester), foreign language (if needed for your major), and any lower division courses needed for your intended major.

Your AUP academic advisor will be familiar with the conditions of your intended transfer to USC through the TTP-Freshman Year in Paris program.


Is This a Guarantee of Admission to USC?

This is a path to admission, not a guarantee of acceptance.  USC typically finds a space for each student who submits a suitable application, avoids misconduct, and meets the conditions specified above.  Those failing to meet all of the conditions above will be considered, but there is the possibility of being declined.

USC cannot guarantee admission to a specific major, particularly in cases where space is limited, or for which an audition or portfolio are required, or lower-division pre-requisites are not yet satisfied.  Students who meet these terms are typically offered a space at USC, either in their first- or second-choice major, or in "open/undeclared" status.  Students admitted without a declared major -- a common situation at USC -- will receive academic advisement to help direct them toward a program of study that helps them meet their goals.


Attending AUP

During your year in Paris you will register as a full-time student at The American University of Paris, taking AUP courses approved by USC, earning AUP transferrable credits, and paying AUP tuition and fees.  Once you confirm your participation in the TTP – Freshman Year in Paris, AUP will begin to send you important pre-arrival information to help prepare for your arrival to France in early September; how to confirm your enrollment, obtain your study visa, reserve your housing, select your AUP tuition payment plan, etc.  AUP is accustomed to working with students from around the world, and is responsive and supportive to your needs as you plan your arrival to Paris.

France is one of the most popular destinations in the world for study abroad.  AUP will provide the documents and explain the process required to obtain your student visa.  Citizens of the European Union do not require a visa to study in France at AUP.

Please know that federal regulations prohibit AUP from administering US federal loans (Stafford or PLUS loans) for any student participating in this program during the time spent at AUP.  This will NOT affect any loan eligibility in the future at USC, primarily because of its US location.  We have verified this with The Foreign Schools Team with the Department of Education.  US citizens and permanent residents who qualify may still apply for a private Sallie Mae Smart Option Loan for all legitimate educational and living expenses.


Your First Year Curriculum

You will enroll in four 4-credit courses in each of both semesters during your freshman year at The American University of Paris, earning 32 semester credits.  USC endorses the AUP courses you will be offered, so you are assured that your AUP credits will transfer and fulfill equivalent coursework in the USC Core Curriculum (writing, math, diversity and foreign language); General Education Curriculum (Humanistic Inquiry, Social Analysis, Quantitative Reasoning etc.); and possibly even some lower-division introductory coursework depending on your intended major at USC.

To fulfill USC’s core writing requirement, students in the TTP – Freshman Year in Paris program will successfully complete EN2020 Writing & Criticism course at AUP.  Apart from this, AUP offers a large selection of courses that will fulfill USC transfer recommendations.  In the TTP –Freshman Year in Paris program, you may choose the unique opportunity to explore several courses that incorporate Paris, France or Europe into the curriculum across a wide range of disciplines; history, political science, business, art history, and social sciences for example.  And of course you may choose to build French language skills, as well in any of several other languages at AUP.

It is intended that TTP – Freshman Year in Paris students will pre-register for courses online during the summer prior to arrival. AUP will contact you about this process during May and June. During orientation at AUP, you will meet with an AUP advisor familiar with your transfer path to USC so that your first few days at AUP are as straightforward as possible.


Confirming Admission to the USC Trojan Transfer Plan – Freshman Year in Paris Program 

If you are interested in the Trojan Transfer Program – Freshman Year in Paris as an international bridge to transfer to USC, simply complete this brief online form. You do not need to submit a separate application to AUP. 

AUP will review your USC application materials and decision your participation in the program as soon as possible and according to the timetable below. Once approved, you will receive instructions for confirming your enrollment, selecting your housing and payment plan, etc. You will also begin receiving information about life in Paris and study at AUP; everything you need to prepare for your study abroad in France. 

AUP has 50 years of experience working with the families of students who are coming to live and study in Paris from the US and other countries and will do everything possible to make the process fast, efficient and as comfortable as possible.


Deadlines for Confirming your Attendance

Space on the Trojan Transfer Program – Freshman Year in Paris/USC Fall Semester in Paris program is limited and you will need to complete the online form as soon as possible.

In light of the current Covid-19 situation, we understand that it may be difficult for you to commit to our May 15th deadline.  Although space is limited in the Paris Scholars Program we have decided to extend the deadline by a month to June 15th.  Expressions of interest received after June 1st will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Learn More

There are several ways to learn more about joining USC’s Trojan Transfer Plan – Freshman Year in Paris program.

  • Return to this website on a regular basis for updates on specific topics, including transfer requirements, orientation and housing. 
  • Schedule a one-on-one chat with a representative of The American University of Paris using this form
  • Attend an Online Information Session (webinars) for students and their parents interested in learning more about the Trojan Transfer Plan – Freshman Year in Paris program.
    • A webinar for USC students will take place April 6, 2020 at 9PM Eastern Time; Register Now
    • An additional webinar for USC students will take place April 16, 2020 at 8PM Eastern Time; Register Now
    • A general partner student webinar will take place May 2, 2020 at 8PM Eastern Time; Register Now
  • For questions related to USC please review the information here to find the contact information of your designated USC representative
  • For questions related to AUP: