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The AUP Sustainable Development Practicum - From Archiving to Digital Sharing?


Tanya Elder & Michael Stoepel (Communications, Media, and Culture & AUP Library): The AUP Sustainable Development Practicum - From archiving to digital sharing 


This project develops an accessible and formalized online digital structure to archive multi-media projects produced by students during the Sustainable Development Practicum over the past and coming years. The archival platform will serve the needs of future AUP students participating in the practicum. It will ensure equitable sharing of material produced with our NGO partners and, finally, allow AUP alumni to continue to follow the evolution of the work produced by other students. This platform seeks to enhance collaboration between the different actors (students, NGOs and alumni) and to provide a space for accessing information and material. Through this project we contribute to strengthening accountability and enabling digital dialogues between partners.