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IRIS – Integrated Resource Information Systems

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IRIS – Integrated Resource Information Systems – is usually described as a project, but projects usually have a beginning and an end, a discreet goal, and budget tied to the outcome. IRIS, however, has 14  software products (so far), 18 interrelated projects (so far), and has had to adjust timelines to accommodate new technologies, business goals, and organizational ambitions. 
Why all the parenthetical comments? 
•    Because IRIS encompasses the entire data management and application portfolio of the university in the midst of rapid technological discovery and upheaval. 
•    Because it is a multi-year program of reinvention and re-calibration, whose parts must fit together, and expectations never stand still.
•    Because the new normal means that we will constantly adjust from this point forward to remove the obstacles to success for our employees, students, and families, and we will never stop seeking progress or striving for perfection.
The vision for IRIS is not satisfied by a project or even a lot of projects. The vision for IRIS is satisfied by a new ethos, creativity, and resilience. Every participant involved thus far can attest to those demands, and we are grateful for their strength and courage.