Mandatory Cybersecurity Training

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AUP is Raising Cybersecurity Awareness


As part of our ongoing commitment to maintaining a secure digital environment, in collaboration with the Human Resources department, ITS is happy to announce the approval by our Leadership Team of a cybersecurity training for all faculty and staff members


This mandatory training, covers the fundamentals of cybersecurity and is an essential step in fortifying our collective defenses against evolving digital threats.

Training Details:

Duration: 12 minutes (8 short videos)

Platform: LinkedIn Learning

How to Access the Training: Simply follow the AUP Cybersecurity Training link to access the training module. Ensure you are logged in with your AUP credentials.

Once logged in successfully, click on “Start Learning Path” and watch all 8 short videos.

Deadline for Completion: February 29

Completion Tracking:

We will be monitoring the completion of this training to ensure that our entire community is equipped with the necessary skills. Your active participation is not only crucial for your own understanding but also contributes to the overall security of our organization.


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