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"AUP Wi-Fi" Network is Being Transitioned to EDUROAM

Dear AUP Community,

We have an important update regarding our university's wireless network that will enhance your connectivity experience and security.

What's Changing: Starting December 21, 2023 we will stop broadcasting the Wi-Fi network "AUP"

What You Need to Do:

Prior to December 21, we encourage you to follow the instructions provided and transition your personal devices to EDUROAM. Please use the detailed instructions and video tutorials to guide you through the setup process. You may find the instructions on or use the direct link to the video tutorials:

After December 21, 2023, the "AUP" network will no longer be visible for personal device connections.

Who will be affected: personal devices such as personal laptops, tablets, and phones. AUP owned laptops are not affected by this change

Why the Change: This change is part of our efforts to encourage everyone to transition to the secure and reliable EDUROAM network.

EDUROAM provides a seamless and secure Wi-Fi experience not only at our university but also at thousands of participating institutions worldwide.

Benefits of Using EDUROAM:

Enhanced Security: EDUROAM offers advanced encryption and security protocols, keeping your data safe while connected to the network.

Roaming Access: With EDUROAM, you can access Wi-Fi at other universities and institutions worldwide using your university credentials.

Simplified Connectivity: Once set up, your device will automatically connect to EDUROAM wherever it's available, eliminating the need to re-enter credentials.

Should you have any immediate concerns or inquiries, please reach out to the IT Services team at or call  + 33 (0)1 40 62 06 96