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Gilets Jaunes Demonstrations Update to Students

This post is a republished version of an email communication sent by the Student Development Team to current students on December 19, 2018, about the Gilets Jaunes demonstrations. It is part of our Safety & Security blog that rounds up all the latest news and updates for our community.

Dear Students,

You may have noticed that the yellow vest movement seems to have lost much of its momentum this week. Police have slowly dismantled lingering groups blocking traffic over the past several days. Calls for another demonstration on Saturday don’t seem to be meeting with nearly as much response as in past weeks. We think this in part because the movement has splintered, in part because law enforcement officials have arrested many of the most violent rioters and in part because demonstrators are tired and want to spend the end of the year with their families.

Even though things seem to be calming down, it's impossible to predict whether there will be much of a turnout for an “Act Six” this weekend. If you are returning home Saturday, we strongly advise you to build in extra time to get to the airport or train station. Some metro stations may be closed and traffic may be blocked in certain areas. For the latest public transportation and traffic updates, you can refer to the following two sites: 

The Helpdesk on the fourth floor of Combes will be open all day tomorrow, Dec. 21, should you require assistance. Please note that the University will close for the holidays starting this Saturday, Dec. 22 and open again on Thursday, Jan. 3.

Good luck with the last day of finals and have a wonderful winter break!

The Student Development Team

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