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The American University of Paris has always taught students to react flexibly and deftly to a world of swift-paced change. But as we’ve seen over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, some changes are bigger than others. Our community has nevertheless responded to the crisis with efficiency and empathy, embracing a changing world while never abandoning the guiding principles of an AUP education: that of learning from and embracing difference and engaging meaningfully with the international community. On this page, we share information about our Fall semester. You’ll also find stories of individuals coming together to overcome one of the greatest challenges our community has ever faced: we are immensely grateful to each and every one of them.

Spring 2021

Spring 2021 Semester Updates (January 18, 2021)

We will begin the Spring semester as originally scheduled on January 18 with three weeks of remote learning followed by ten weeks of on-site classes. The library and all student services will be open and available remotely by appointment starting January 18. Each student has received email communications by Student Development with details on how to contact each support service.

In-Person Teaching and Spring Schedule

On-site instruction for all classes will begin on February 15. As previously indicated, all classes will be available remotely for those students unable to travel to Paris or wishing to continue remote learning for the entire semester.

The timing of breaks will be adjusted throughout the semester as follows. There will be a five-day, long weekend break from February 6-10, allowing any students who have not yet returned to Paris to travel here at that time. All classes will then resume on-site instruction beginning on February 15. We will redistribute the remaining days from Spring Break to a second five-day weekend from February 24-28 and a four-day Easter weekend break April 3-6. Classes will end on April 28, two days earlier than previously planned. Graduation dates remain the same, and for the moment, we plan on an in-person graduation at the Théâtre du Châtelet with all the trimmings! Click on the button below to view the complete Spring 2021 academic calendar.

View the Spring 2021 academic calendar

Travel Update

All travelers arriving in France from outside the EU on January 18 or later will be expected to self-quarantine for seven days after the arrival date. We will support all students during the self-quarantine period. More information will follow. Travelers will also have to take a second Covid-19 test following the seven-day self-quarantine period. We will support all self-quarantined students in obtaining this second Covid-19 test and encourage you to consult our test center list.

We also suggest that you to verify the specific travel and testing requirements directly with your airline before departure. You will be responsible for arriving in France with evidence of a negative Covid-19 test within 72 hours of departure in order to pass through immigration.

ID Card Reactivation for Campus Access

The French government is now requiring a seven-day self-quarantine upon all travelers into France from outside the European Union. The French Law stipulates that travelers will have to take a second PCR Covid-19 test following the seven-day self-quarantine period.

In conformance with the above law, AUP will be verifying student’s travel situations and Covid-19 test results, to ensure the safety of our campus at the start of on-site classes. In order to do this all incoming and returning students’ AUP ID cards have been deactivated this Monday January, 18.

Your card can be reactivated as soon as you have declared your travel situation to AUP. The various scenarios are outlined in the table below, and explain the time at which you will be eligible to reactivate.

Once you have determined eligibility and have prepared your documents, please submit them using the ID Card Reactivation Request Form. All submissions will be managed by the Registrar’s Office in collaboration with the Security team. Please act in accordance with the shared responsibility pledge by providing an accurate and timely submission of your travel information.


Travel Situation Documents to prepare for upload When to submit through ID Card Reactivation Request Form
I was on French territory prior to Monday, January 18 For permanent residents: proof of nationality or permanent residency  For non-French citizens: proof of date of entry onto French territory (electronic copy/image of the dated passport stamp, boarding pass, or flight details) As of Monday 18 January
I was on European Union territory and traveled to France before Monday, January 18 Upload proof of date of entry to France from the European Union (electronic copy/image of the dated passport stamp, boarding pass, or flight details). As of the day you enter French territory
I was on foreign territory outside of the European Union and traveled to France before Monday, January 18 Upload proof of date of entry to France (electronic copy/image of the dated passport stamp, boarding pass, or flight details). As of Monday 18 January
I was on foreign territory outside of the European Union and traveled to France after Monday, Januar18  Proof of date of entry of entry to France Proof of a negative PCR Covid19 test taken in France. 7 days after entrance on French territory

AUP and Covid-19

A Swift Response

In the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, the AUP community organized to make sure the campus remained a safe and healthy environment, and contingency plans were put in place to prepare for a rapid move to remote learning protocols, should it become necessary.

Following advice from the World Health Organization and the French Health Ministry, community members returning from at-risk areas after Spring Break were required to self-quarantine for 14 days. Once the announcement of France’s confinement measures came into force, the University made the switch to remote teaching, learning and working in just five days. Every single student was able to finish the semester, and although it became necessary to postpone graduation to 2021, the Class of 2020 gathered for a virtual celebration of their success on May 18.

A Community Comes Together

Adapting to the Covid-19 pandemic was an immense challenge for our entire community. But thanks to the solidarity and cooperation displayed by staff, faculty, students, alumni, trustees, parents and friends who rose to the occasion with flexibility and resilience, we can now share stories of success from all corners of The American University of Paris.

Our global explorer students, all of whom had their semesters shift rapidly to online learning protocols, adapted with agility and in record time. Some chose to return home, studying in time zones across the world. Over 400 chose to remain in Paris, weathering the confinement period with the University’s support and documenting their experiences in innovative ways.

Staff moved support services online from one day to the next. Faculty reworked syllabi to suit online teaching practices, while still finding time to contribute to the academic discourse of the moment. Alumni, parents and friends supported the University both financially and with their time and expertise. You’ll find just some of these stories below.

AUP Digital Campus

When our physical campus closed its doors in March, we wanted to ensure that the community could come together in an online space. The AUP Digital Campus acted as a virtual hub for community activity, uniting resources for staff, students and faculty in a centralized location, and providing original content for the whole community to enjoy.

The aim was to maintain a sense of common purpose among global explorers, now scattered across the globe. The project also encouraged collaboration, as staff, students, faculty, alumni, trustees, parents and families came together to offer help and guidance or to contribute to the projects in development.