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How AUP Community Members Can Help Provide Aid to Ukraine

AUP alumni, faculty, staff and students are coming together to help raise funds and supplies to support those fleeing the conflict in Ukraine. Alumna Eleonora Balkina ’20 is spearheading the collection along with current students Stefan Levchenko and alumna Anita Maksymchuk ’20, in collaboration with AUP's Coordinator of Physical Activity, Self-Care and Dance, Ashkan Shalbaf. 

Three boxes have been made available in the lobby of the Combes Student Life Center: one for medication, one for clothes and one for canned food. The collection boxes will remain in place throughout the coming weeks, and donations can be placed directly inside. The full list of needed supplies is available in the lobby, but priority requirements include simple medicine, such as painkillers, diarrhoea medication, eye-washing solutions, alcohol wipes and hand sanitizers – as well as hygiene necessities such as toothpaste, toothbrushes and soap.  

Though medicine is currently the top priority, dried and canned food with a long shelf life and appropriate, durable clothing are also key contributions. If you have questions about the collection boxes, please contact Stefan Levchenko (, who oversees the collection of these humanitarian supplies. 

Eleonora is also organizing a fundraising to provide further humanitarian aid and supplies to Ukrainians on the border with Romania. Her first round of funding has already been used to order over €1,000 of medical supplies, including first aid kits, masks, bandages and other protective gear. The supplies will be met by volunteers in Romanian working with refugees fleeing Ukraine. You can contribute financially online at

Eleonora and her team are keen to express than any support from the AUP community in any capacity is extremely valuable and much needed. Thank you in advance for your contributions.