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The Career Center’s Top Tips For Looking for a Job or Internship Remotely

By Danielle Savage, Director of Career Advising

Despite confinement, here at the Career Center, we’re open for business to support students in their career planning, internship searching and job seeking. We’ve moved popular resources such as our Internship Info Sessions and Career and Internship Office Hours online, and added new weekly workshops. Looking for a Job in the Age of Confinement walks students through the steps they can take now to plan and implement a successful job search, despite current constraints. Power Up Your Resume in 5 Easy Steps is a quick half-hour workshop designed to help participants identify simple ways to enhance their resume or French CV.

Weekly Jobseeking Hangouts are where those who are actively looking for a job or just beginning a job search can get inspired, develop a plan and stay on track. All sessions can be found on AUP Engage. For students considering graduate programs, we’ll be adding a session on planning for graduate school after final exams. Many of these sessions are open to alumni – interested alums are encouraged to contact for details and to sign up.

Good news: we’re continuing to receive offers every week that are posted in the Job and Internship Opportunities database (login required). Recent opportunities have come in from big names such as Canal Plus, Vogue France, Google and Estee Lauder, as well as smaller organizations such as DataDog, Samuel Hall, WindAid, Mighty Earth and the World Inequality Lab. Some of these are set to begin immediately in a remote format, moving toward in-person when possible, and others are to begin in the fall.

If you’re looking for employment now, keep reading to find Career Center’s top tips for making the most of your job search.

1. Use all resources available to you – don’t try to do it on your own.

See the resources and workshops above and keep reading for more opportunities!

2. Seek an Extension

If you’re graduating this semester, you have the option to request a student status extension to accommodate a zero-credit internship. Many employers in France and elsewhere offer internships rather than jobs to graduating students, and internships in France are only open to currently enrolled students (not recent graduates). Most internships in France are paid and often comprise real responsibilities, and we know from experience that internships of this nature really help our students launch into their professional lives. In France, the single best way for a graduating student to be considered for a job is by completing a full-time, long-term (6-month) internship first. And if you wind up securing a job instead, the extension can be reversed (check conditions here).

3. Use Keywords

Employers are hiring, but in some sectors more than others. You can use the keyword “hiring” on platforms such as LinkedIn to identify organizations and individuals who are looking to recruit talented individuals like you right away.

4. Update your LinkedIn Profile

While you’re at it, make sure your LinkedIn and application materials are polished and position you effectively for your job search. LinkedIn is not only a good place to look for job postings but it also acts as an online resume/CV and gives you the opportunity to actively network with working professionals, including our fabulous alumni!

5. Explore available "bridge jobs"

If you’re not finding relevant job opportunities at the moment, consider thinking in terms of a “bridge job": a short-term position that will help you gain valuable skills and experience as you work out a strategy to get to the career you aspire to. This is not the same as “settling.”

If you’re wondering whether there are internships “out there,” consider this: AUP students who were interning at the time that confinement was decreed were able, with only a couple of exceptions, to switch to an online format to continue their internships. On that note, our Global Talent Portal was launched just days prior to confinement, and so far three students have secured internships as a result.

Lastly, for seniors participating in the Global Professional Skills Program, there’s still time to fulfill your requirements and validate your GPS certificate. It’s a busy time of year, and taking some time to reflect on your accomplishments so far and how they will help you with your next steps can feel very empowering. Any student who is unsure of whether or how to finalize the program can reach out to the GPS team. And for those who presented their personal narratives to our panel of evaluators, congratulations! The panelists were overwhelmingly impressed with your experiences, presentations, aspirations and creativity. If you’re curious, you can get a glimpse of students’ narratives from last year (pre-confinement) here.

This is a challenging time, and we are all feeling uncertainty about the future. That is all the more reason for students and alumni to take advantage of the resources and support available here in the Career Center. We look forward to working with each of you.

Watch this short video to learn about the Career Center’s lineup of events.