AUP at Home

Thank You Shout-Outs from the AUP Community

Over the last six weeks, we’ve witnessed the AUP community rise to the challenge of implementing remote teaching, learning and working protocols in an unprecedentedly short time frame. Every member of our community has shown extraordinary resilience and flexibility, and, collectively, we have approached the confinement period with characteristic solidarity.  

As the end of the semester approaches, we thought it was important to take a moment to highlight the individual stories of support that we’ve heard from all corners of our community. We asked staff, faculty and students to share their shout-outs to the peers, friends and colleagues who have helped them through the last few weeks. What we received was an outpouring of gratitude, as you can see below.

"Thank you to Jonathan Shimony, Claudio Piani, Darcee Caron and Michelle Kuo for sharing their time and expertise with the wider AUP community via AUP digital events, and for giving our AUP alumni and parents a taste of an AUP education at its best!"


"A huge merci to my colleagues in Admissions who have shown creativity, determination and grit during these times. The hardwork, collegial support and wicked sense of humour has helped at this time."


"Thank you to the Paris Pods Mentors who have taken time to support students through this period on top of their usual workloads. Thank you for your wisdom, good humour and care for our community. And thank you to the Pod Members who have been a support to their mentors, too."


"Shout out to Christopher Grinbergs for his amazing work on the Paris Pods Scheme, from organizing the data to animating the weekly meetings and making possible this wonderful system on such short notice. Bravo Chris !"


“Big shout out to the Student Development team for being so supportive to one another! We managed to keep our precious bond even from home. Miss you all!” 

“Thank you Taylor Brooks and Sam Walker-Kierluk for your help with remote tools!” 

“A huge thank you to everybody who has been involved with the Good Morning, Global Explorers podcast! We've had students, staff, faculty, trustees and alumni give up their time to help keep the community updated on all the amazing projects and initiatives carrying on remotely. We could never have put this project together without such a committed community.” 

"A shout out to Sam Walker-Kierluk for all his help and for staying up all night to find a way for Mac users to get connected to campus. He is tireless in going over things until we anti-techies finally get it!" 

"Shout out to Christine Tomasek for her tireless work on the budget and academic calendars and course offerings. She is like the Energizer Bunny!" 

"Thank you to Kevin Fore. Your infinite patience, ability to make yourself available – in spite of the fact that you probably receive more emails and phone calls than anyone – and steady calm are qualities I admire and try to emulate." 

"Thank you to our leadership team: Celeste Schenck, Bill Fisher, Marc Monthéard, Mary Evans, Tim Rogers, and Valérie Fodé. Jobs at the top can sometimes be thankless, but your hard work in this time of difficulty is appreciated." 

"Thank you to Christopher Grinbergs for his excellent work coordinating and supporting the Paris Pods initiative." 

"Shout out to Professors Robert Earhart and Albert Cath from the MSIM students! We appreciate that our professors and advisors through the program are actively staying in touch and carefully handling any issues that come up, in and outside of class. Thank you both and to all of our awesome professors for your support!" 

"Thank you to every member of faculty and staff who has volunteered to support senior students completing the GPS Program Panel Presentations: Celeste Schenck, Mary Evans, Jorge Sosa, Oleg Kobtzeff, Claudio Piani, Mark Ennis, Robert Earhart, Dana Callaghan, Madeleine Czigler, Lilyana Yankova, Margaret Savean, Kate-Yue Zhang, Gail Hamilton, Pauline Bonnot, Jaclynn Kennard, Mathilde Fouche, Jula Wildberger, Taylor Brooks, Maria Bach, Marie Regan, Danielle Savage and Holly Rudd! It feels so good to have your support!" 

"Thank you to the Communications team for their dedicated work during these difficult months and for providing us with excellent content to feel connected, even though we are all confined at home." 

"Thank you so much Linda Martz and Jonathan Shimony for a great FirstBridge class. It was a great introduction into AUP and the variety of classes you can take here." 

"Thank you, Isabelle Dupuy, for your help. You helped me stay calm and carry on during this crisis. I asked for help and received it when I needed it. You offered to be there, and you were, more than once. Thank you." 

"Shout out to Taylor Brooks for taking on the leadership as Secretary of the CSE in the long and weekly crisis meetings. He cares so much about his colleagues and his giving his all to this mandate. We are lucky to have him!" 

"Shout out to my team: Andrew Tischler, Lauren Arnold and Samantha Rocha, best Registrar Team in the biz! Working part-time with a baby at home, I am so thankful to count on their support, reactivity and team spirit! They are cross-training and supporting each other in an unprecedented way; together we are trying to organize the chaos of this semester, from figuring out the time-zone constraints to organizing registration and maintaining regular business. I have nothing but love and appreciation for this team of wonderful humans!" 

"Thank you, Lily Servel and Iulia Lupu. You have been available and helped a variety of people. You have responded to my needs and the needs of others by scanning items from the library and trying to get resources for us. Thank you and keep your wonderful attitudes and helpful natures." 

"Shout out to the Advising team, Kyle McGuan, Isabella Archer and Linda Martz who are working on a very short team and supporting the Advisors and Registrar’s Office relentlessly during the online advising period. They tool on all the Junior Degree Checks to unburden our Faculty and are doing, despite being just three, the job of a team of five. They are super responsive on Teams, professional and positive, a source of calm in this whirlwind of a semester! Much appreciation and an IOU for pints at O'Briens when this is all over!" 

"Shout out to Darcee Caron and Kortney Nowakowski for their support when setting up LibCal appointments for the whole community! Their support, patience and can-do attitude has helped the transition to online to so many of us! Plus, it's always a pleasure to catch Darcee's adorable baby girl on camera! Much appreciation to this wonderful duo."