Students on a theater trip in Iceland.


Orientation 2017

Monday, August 28, 2017 (All day) to Monday, September 4, 2017 (All day)

Orientation at The American University of Paris is mandatory and takes place the week before the start of classes. It is an essential part of your academic journey at the University and vital to your integration, both academically and socially.

What can you expect from the Week? 


Welcome to AUP! AUP staff meet and greet you and your fellow students at the Maison de la Chimie, just next door to campus. You will learn about the exciting week ahead of you and receive your enrollment and registration appointment for check-in, which happens the following day.


All incoming students are assigned a student advisor. Student advisors not only accompany you and other members of your incoming group to various Orientation events but also provide support throughout the semester. Think of these students— who know their way around Paris and AUP—as a resource and get to know them at your first social event the day of check-in.


An AUP Admissions Counselor is on hand at Maison de la Chimie to officially check you in. Arrive at your assigned time to review your pre-arrival checklist. We’ll refer you to all the right AUP offices as necessary, including Student Accounting Services, the AUP Registrar, Student Immigration Services and other services. Once check-in is complete, you will receive your student photo ID.


Following welcome activities at Maison de la Chimie (MdC) the first day of Orientation, undergraduate students attend an early evening cocktail on campus. On Thursday, all undergrads attend a Boat party...and maybe your first “hamburger on the Seine.” Friday evening students tour Paris and enjoy a night out on a Bateau Mouche as it cruises the Seine.


Following Orientation check-in, entering students will take an English Placement test. Students already pre-placed in an English level based on American standardized test scores will see this on their registration status at check-in and will be exempt from taking the test.


This critical session is scheduled the same day as check-in and focuses on the essentials of living in Paris. We provide tips on banking, phone plans and health coverage while also reviewing the many AUP services and resources available to you at AUP.


AUP invites parents and family members of incoming students to join us for Parent’s Orientation, where you will become more familiar with AUP and find out what to expect from the student experience. You’ll hear from the President, the Provost, the Dean of Student Services and the Family Relations Manager who will all answer your questions about university resources and opportunities. After the session you will have the chance to take a campus tour.


Students will discuss a number of interesting articles (read during summer) on current thinking about what the best universities can offer them, learning in a global environment, and resources and strategies for success at AUP and beyond.


The President and Provost of AUP will inspire you to seek and get the most out of your experience at AUP.


Join an AUP staff member or student advisor for this comprehensive tour of AUP’s campus, and learn how to get your public transportation passes. Review prices, forms and the process to register for yearly travel passes for the Paris Metro, buses, and RER. One semester students learn how to obtain a rechargeable travel pass for unlimited travel during their stay.


With AUP’s campus located in the heart of the seventh arrondissement, finding your way around this neighborhood quickly becomes second nature. With your student advisor you will venture beyond this part of Paris to discover another side of the City of Light and get a better sense of what it means to be Parisian.Bateau Mouche as it cruises the Seine.


AUP takes the safety of its community and visitors very seriously. As with any university campus, especially in a large city, you must understand your role in safety. You will learn how to
be appropriately aware of your surroundings and stay safe as you travel around Paris, as well as to other cities and countries while you are at AUP. AUP also makes the International SOS Assistance APP available to you for your secuirty and save travels.