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Prof. Golub’s Book: East Asia’s Reemergence

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Co-Chair of AUP’s International and Comparative Politics Department, Professor Philip S. Golub, has spent his career studying and writing about imperial systems, the ways in which contemporary world politics has been shaped by late-modern colonial and imperial history. As part of a theoretical and ethical concern over global inequalities, he has also published a good deal on the political economy of postcolonial development.  Prior to AUP, he taught at other institutions of higher learning such as the Institut d’études politiques de Paris (Sciences-Po) and the Université Paris 8. He has also been extremely active as a public intellectual and in media, where he was one of the founders and editors of The Asia Times, editorial consultant to the French public radio station France Culture, and contributing editor of the French monthly, Le monde diplomatique.

Most recently, Professor Golub published East Asia’s Reemergence with Polity Press, a book that explores the sources and the implications of East Asia’s extraordinary economic and political ascent in the last 40 years. He has already received praise for a thorough and provocative analysis that offers an original historical and comparative perspective on state and nation building in East Asia, and which sheds new light on the contradictions and tensions of a developmental dynamic that challenges global liberal capitalism while profiting from it. Professor Golub examines existing development theories and interpretations of East Asia’s new global role, China’s in particular, makes comparisons with other postcolonial regions of the Global South, and investigates East Asia’s future and the new world that is emerging as a result of global rebalancing between East and West.