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Democrats Abroad: Screening of the Documentary Maynard

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On September 20, the Democrats Abroad Paris chapter organized a screening of Maynard – a documentary exploring the life of Maynard Jackson Jr. who served as Atlanta’s Mayor from 1974 –82 and 1990-94, making history as the first black Mayor of a major southern city. The event was also intended to educate fellow democrats and U.S. voters of all persuasions about the upcoming midterm elections, emphasizing their importance and encouraging eligible voters abroad to use their vote. Alongside the screening, a booth was set up throughout the evening in the lobby of the Combes building, where people were able to register to vote.

The evening commenced with an introduction of Maynard Jackson Jr., who is known for numerous important public works projects in the South, including the Maynard H. Jackson international terminal at the Atlanta airport and his work to significantly increase minority business participation in the city. Maynard’s impact went well beyond Atlanta, where his work on pushing for affirmative action and voter turnout helped him to craft diversity, inclusion and engagement templates still practiced today. In the spirit of this legacy, the event included speeches reminding the audience of the critical role that civic engagement and the midterm elections play in the context of U.S. politics.

A project of Maynard Jackson III -the son of Jackson Jr- Maynard illustrates Jackson’s life and tenure as Atlanta’s mayor, including the obstacles he faced while in office and the impact of substantial racial tensions in the United States. It is a timely moment to revisit that history, and his example of progressive public service and attempts to improve race relations in Atlanta rings as a particularly salient example for the rest of the country to follow.