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AUP Magazine Launches Alumni Careers Issue

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What makes a meaningful career? At AUP we believe that meaningful careers are those that transcend boundaries, opening graduates up to new perspectives and ways of thinking. A global liberal arts education, along with all the immersive learning experiences that occur within it, is a launchpad for students seeking international work in diverse fields. Our alumni community, living and working in 145 countries across the globe, is evidence of just how meaningful such work can really be.

The Fall 2019 issue of the AUP Magazine is therefore devoted to the meaningful careers of our alumni community. Global explorers from across the world have contributed stories about the professional projects of which they are most proud. From Burkina Faso to the UAE and from Honduras to the Netherlands, these projects showcase the full range of professions on offer to liberal arts graduates.

Read about how one alumnus is changing the face of the Pakistani pharmaceutical industry, or how another alumna is bringing together her sporting community to help children across the world out of poverty. There’s the Kenya-based entrepreneur putting Africa on the luxury-fashion map, and the international affairs graduate working to bring clean, offshore wind power to the US – to give just two more examples.

This issue's feature piece – from Darcee Caron G’13, Director of Experiential Learning at AUP – explores how AUP’s unique approach to the global liberal arts provides the knowledge and skills necessary for students to succeed in today’s competitive job market. Our Career Notes section showcases just how many opportunities are available to our graduates, while giving readers the opportunity to check in with former classmates.

At AUP, we are proud of our global alumni community and the work they do across the world – in the words of our founder, Dr. Lloyd DeLamater – to “transcend the bounds of narrow nationalisms.” You can find the new issue of AUP Magazine, along with previous issues, on the AUP website.