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AUP Launches New Global Talent Portal

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The American University of Paris (AUP) is pleased to announce the launch of its new Global Talent Portal – an updated online version of its print-edition Global Talent Brochure – designed to match AUP’s talented pool of global explorers with potential internship employers. The new platform went live toward the end of January 2020, and roughly 40 students have already created a profile.

The Global Talent Portal is run by the Center for Academic, Career and Experiential Advising (the ACE Center). It aims to give students access to a wide variety of internship positions across hundreds of organizations, both in Paris and beyond. Notable employers who use the portal include Polo Ralph Lauren, the OECD, Proximity BBDO, and the Cannes Film Festival, alongside numerous innovative startups, consulting firms, and organizations in relevant liberal arts fields.

An online portal provides significant advantages over a print brochure, adding additional features for employers, who can now easily search profiles via keywords and filters and reach out to students directly using a contact form on each profile page. Students can build a professional profile and update it whenever they choose to do so, deactivating the profile once they secure an internship. Companies have the opportunity to choose from talented individuals at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, who are eager to make use of their newly developed knowledge and skills.

Employers will find the portal a useful resource, while students will find it a valuable tool to learn more about their career interests and break into the job market. Browse the new Global Talent Portal.